November 30, 2020


Manteca, California


Elder Anderson


Holla Holla,

This week was pretty dandy. It was a grind, but it was good. Not a whole lot went on, which is weird because it was Thanksgiving week. We weren't able to meet our goals this week, but hopefully that means that this week will be all that much better. My companion is learning more and more. Training is really fun, I am enjoying it! There was a couple cool moments throughout the week.

We had some cool lessons with a couple of our friends. We extended a baptismal invitation twice to our friends Janette, and Elizabeth. They are on the edge of deciding because of their Catholic background. We are confident and hopeful that God will triumph! We also made a pretty awesome friend. He is 16, and we were able to pray with him in the park, where he asked God if he was His son. It was a really cool moment! He was even interested in missions!!

Thanksgiving was good! Just a normal day for us. It was kind of weird, I thought that it would hit me, but I was completely fine! We were able to go over to a members home for dinner, Made me feel a little bit at home. Being able to call my family in the night was pretty awesome!

I loved that this week we were able to all display all that we are grateful for! I am so grateful for my family! I am so grateful for this mission. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, and for the person they are shaping my to be!!


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