October 19, 2020


Manteca, California


Elder Christensen

Manteca Week 14

This is the way!

This week was a jammed packed week. We had a lot of good moments and some setbacks.

We had a good service opportunity to demo a wall. I felt like Chip from Fixer Upper. DEMO DAY. It was pretty fun, we just got to bash down a wall. It was kind of therapeutic. I got to punch through a wall for the first time, I felt like a man.

We got the opportunity to teach a pretty awesome lady. She was about to kill herself a month ago, she had all the drugs ready, but when she prayed in that moment she looked over and found a Bible laying on the ground. And so she began reading and studying. She refferred herself to us off of an add on youtube, which was a miracle in itself. So we were able to teach the Restoration, and it answered all the questions that she had. It was super Spiritual and awesome! After that she accepted the invitation to be baptized on November 7th. That was a pretty awesome moment!

Street Contacting was fun to start this week. I am grateful for growing up around the gentlemen that I did, because I was able to learn how to have a conversation with mature adults, which has been fun to do!

I have spoken!


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