March 21, 2020




Elder Gomes

Coronavirus update.3

Dear Parents,

We didn’t think we would be sending an update so quickly, but this evening we received notice that all missions in Brazil are to practice social distancing. The missionaries are being instructed to stay in their apartments as much as possible, only leaving for exercise and infrequent trips to buy food or medicine. They can go to the LAN house on their preparation day to communicate with you, and we will allow one additional day each week for them to call you. They will be limited to 2 hours in the LAN house, but because of community restrictions being put in place it is possible they will not be open. We have been instructed that the missionaries are not to use church computers for communication, so if the LAN houses are not open please don’t panic if you don’t hear from your missionary on Monday. We are exploring other alternatives for them to communicate with you. As always, your missionary should instigate the call, if you need to speak with your missionary you should contact the mission office or us.

WhatsApp from mission office +55 43 8824-6563

Our missionaries have been working as hard as allowed and exercising great faith during this uncertain time. They are doing wonderfully well given the circumstances, and we appreciate your loving and positive support for them. We will endeavor to keep you up to date on all that is going on here.

With love,

President and Sister McKinnon


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