March 16, 2020




Elder Gomes

Week 68

Hey Mom! This week has been pretty great. We had a recently returned mission of the ward with us on tuesday. HIs name is Brother Eder. He is AWESOME! He has a little bit of autism, which gets in his way sometimes, but he is SUPER smart, and really good at sharing the gospel. He is able to teach a lesson in whatever house he wants to get into. He is also really good at being friendly. He talks to EVERYONE. Always sharing gospel principles no matter the subject. Always smiling and making friends. We grew our teaching pool a lot with his help. We are teaching a family that felt the spirit so strong about the restoration that they wanted to drop their weekend class just to be able to visit the church on Sunday. Unfortunately, church was cancelled, but I know that God has a purpose and plan for all this. While we were making some other contacts with Brother Eder, he started talking to someone else. Turns out, the other guy was a leader of the church "quadrangular" an Evangelical church here. He invited Brother Eder to be a guest speaker in their church on wednesday night. He asked if we could come watch and support him, and the pastor said of course!
Wednesday morning, we had a leadership council, where we discussed the difficulties in our mission, and how we can work more with the members of the church and try to motivate better as leaders. It was awesome. I also was reading a talk this week about becoming a consecrated missionary. It was really interesting to think about putting everything on the altar of sacrifice. Putting off laziness, pride, our own will, and all our weaknesses in order to become tools that the Lord can use to realize miracles. When we really put our all into the work of the Lord, we begin to see the miracles that he works through us. After the Leadership council, we came back to our city, and watched Brother Eder preach at the other church. After he finished, the pastor invited us to share a message. We talked a little about our purpose as missionaries and then, we taught The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of the priesthood to make covenants. I don't think a lot of them understood much, but after the meeting we met a less active member that had been going to church for a while. We invited them all to church. Then, the next day, we found out that church was going to be cancelled. After letting our investigators know, we felt impressed to start working in a more humble part of our area that is pretty close to where we live. There, we met a young mother named Tayná (tie-nah) She had never talked to missionaries before, however her friend had visited the church various times. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ there, and she asked what she needs to do to be baptised. We explained to her about prayer and set up our next appointment.
As there was no Public meetings on Sunday in the church, we asked for permission to have a mini tour of the chapel for our progressing investigators. We brought a member of the ward with us, and gave a tour of the chapel for Tayná and her friend. It was really special. Then, we taught the restoration and invited them to pray and ask about it. Then, we had a sacrament meeting at the member ́s house, and brought them back home. Then, we had lunch with brother Bruno (Coimbra Ties) and he went with us to distribute the sacrament to those that don't have priesthood in the home. It was a cool experience and I was able to meet some of the members of the ward.
Today, I was able to get in touch with the Elders that are in my last area that I mentioned last week. And I asked how things were going with the new groups and if they were able to teach the mass lessons that the members had scheduled. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus, all the trips were cancelled, and they were´nt able to make it to Presidente Epitacio. But, I have a lot of faith in the members that live there. And I know that the Lord works in mysterious means, but these mysterious means work miracles. I know that President Russel M. Nelson is a man called of God to reveal His will among the children of men. I remember the parable of the Watchman on the Tower...

Even though sometimes we may not understand the why or the how... The prophet is guided and counselled by our Heavenly Father. Even though we may not see the dangers coming, or even the urgency for such drastic changes, Heavenly Father has inspired these changes, and our dear President Nelson can see the oncoming battles. As we choose to obey with exactness, we will be protected from the difficulties that come. As we pass through these dark clouds of confusion, remember to hold firm to the iron rod. Personal and Family scripture study is especially important now that Sunday meetings have been cancelled. It is interesting to think about how the Lord prepared us for this as well, with the changes in 2018 making a more gospel centered home, helping prepare us for 100% home worship, for now at least. I hope you guys are staying strong and that you can have a great week, I'll talk to you next week!! Love you!!!
-Elder Allen


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