March 4, 2020


Presidente Prudente


Elder Howard

Week 66

Hi mom! I know the mission sent an email about the coronavirus. They are being cautious to avoid any risks. There has only been one case of the virus within the state I am in, but we are still taking precautions just in case. The new puppy is really cute! I like the name too! What made you pick Wesley? We were talking about the temple a lot this week with our investigators. I'm excited to be able to go through with you guys when I get back. This week started out a little rough, I ́ve got foot problems, but nothing too serious. I also had a bit of a flu this week, but now I've been better. Yesterday was AMAZING. Our mission's first counselor visited our Branch for sacrament meeting. We also had Samuel with us, his younger brother Rique (the two have baptismal dates for Saturday) Paulo (was baptised before I got here, received the Holy Ghost yesterday) and another New investigator of ours, whos name I'm not entirely sure how to spell haha. After Sacrament, we had a meeting with President Capello (counselor of President Mckinnon) and we made plans to open a group in the southern part of our area. There used to be a branch there, but it was closed after a while. Now, it'll be reopening as a group. We spent the second hour with the members that live there, planning how we are going to work and grow there with the less active members. Then, we had lunch with one of the members that lives there. After Lunch, President Capello stopped by, and with the mission president's permission, drove with us to a far away touristic city called Presidente Epitácio, that technically is part of our area, but we have had no way to get there. It is about 60 miles north of us. When we got there, there were some members of the church waiting to greet us. They don't have a chapel close to them, and they didn't have a way to get to church every Sunday in Presidente Prudente. When we got there, we had a sacrament meeting in the garage area of a member ́s home. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong. We heard several powerful testimonies, and the stories of the members here in this little city. Several miracles had been leading up to that day. I can't share all of the experiences that we had there. But I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces as they had the chance to partake of the sacrament for the first time in a long time. Families in tears of astonished happiness. True happiness. It made me so happy. It got even better when President Capello announced that they have been authorized to begin as a group, partaking of the sacrament there each Sunday. The group leader was designated, and the basics were laid down. As we finished there, the spirit was very strong. The mother of the family had made a cake, and we ate a little there visiting with them before we left. I love the opportunities we are having to see the way God works his works, and try to help in some small way in all this. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Brazil, and to help the people that have been waiting so long for this help. And there's a lot more to do as well. We are hopefully going to get another set of missionaries here to help work on helping both new groups, and the branch continue to grow. They said the mission will be able to rent a Hotel for us to stay a night there in that city to help them with the converts and head back home after. We will probably be heading back next weekend to teach all the people they want to share this message with. There is a village on the south side with a little over 80 families, that an older sister of the group said they wanted to hear the messages for a long time, but the church was not there yet. That will be our first visit. President Capello will probably go with us and see how the progress is coming along. After the trip to that city, President Capello brought us back to Presidente Prudente, and we introduced him to Samuel, Rique, and their family. It went well. Then, he headed back to Londrina, and we taught a message. It was such an amazing experience this week. My testimony was strengthened immensely to know that the Lord knows and appreciates our efforts. Even though difficulties come, and the enemy feeds us doubts, God is always aware and caring for our every need. As we give our all, God gives his. And how grateful I am to have the privilege of seeing these fruits of God's hand. I'm fresh out of time, but I love you guys and can't wait to let you know how all of this goes! Be safe and don't take any trips to China haha!
-Elder Allen


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