February 24, 2020


Presidente Prudente


Elder Howard

week 65

Hey mom!! This week has been a little rough. Our teaching pool is thinning out and we aren't seeing as much progress as we had hoped. Samuel (the most eager of the 4 brothers) came to church on Sunday with us,which was great, but the other people we had scheduled with all had last minute excuses. Also, for some reason our branch has turned a bit of a cold shoulder. We are working hard, and doing our best to help here, but for some reason everyone stopped liking us this week. Even the ward mission leader, who is an awesome man. All of our lunches recently have been weird. I ́m not sure what happened, but no one wants to tell us. But, we will figure it out and try to fix whatever we did wrong. It sounds like things are going well back home. That is a long time for kate to have to take shots though! I hear it's been getting warmer there, here it's just starting to cool down haha! Should be highs of about 83-89 for the next while here. Also, Carnival just started here in Brazil, I'm not sure how much you guys know about Carnival, but it's a huge deal here. Everything is closed, accept (luckily) the Lan House, and the bigger cities will be in chaos. Here is much more calm. there will just be more drinking and parties. The church does camps for the youth each year to keep them out of the parties and "Babalonia" of Carnival. They'll be gone all week. The peak should be tomorrow, and then it should die down by Saturday. I love you guys, and hope that you are doing well! Talk to you next week!
-Elder Allen


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