December 30, 2019


Lencois Paulista


Elder Valenzuela

Week 58

Hey mom! This week has been really awesome!! we have been doing a lot of traveling for interviews, but it has been a great week overall! I am fully healthy again. I have a cool story as well about that night. I was having some stomach pain and a headache, so I asked my companion for a blessing. The second he said amen, I had to run to the bathroom. All the bad stuff that was in my stomach began to come out. That was a long night, but the members here are awesome. The next day at church, Brother Luciano gave us a ride to pick up investigators, and then after church they brought by coconuts. Apparently the water is good for the stomach, and they are a popular local snack. The next morning, I was feeling a lot better. Then, on Christmas eve, we headed to Bauru for our district meeting christmas morning, and I got your box!!! Thank you sooo much for the clothes and snacks!! they fit me a lot better than my old ones haha! That is... until I finish eating the snacks haha!! My companion really appreciated the stocking as well! He had reese's pieces for the first time, he loves them. Also, we poured milk in the last little bit of our nutter butter cups and that was really really good. We got big gift baskets from the ward, so we should be good on dinner for a while. Looks like you guys are having a great time holding monkeys, and trying not to get killed in Honduras. haha! I hope your Christmas was good! I love you guys a lot!
-Elder Allen


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