November 4, 2019


Lencois Paulista


Elder Hadley

Week 50

Hey mom!!!! I ́m glad to hear that your Spanish tests went well! How comfortable are you feeling with it? Is Dad helping you practice some things? Tell Kate congrats for me! That ́s a big accomplishment, and it shows our Father in Heaven that she's really wanting to hold fast to the rod. I hope that Bekah gets feeling better quickly! This week has been pretty awesome for us! we Talked to Vicente about Baptism, and he prayed about it, and received an answer through the scriptures that same night! he will be baptized Friday, and then, his wife will also probably want to be baptized after their trip this weekend. Then I'm hoping that we can get to talk to some of the new people that came to church this week. There's a little kid named Samuel that cracks me up. He's tiny and really smart and a little crazy, and he LOVES to hear answers to his questions.The first day we met him, he stopped us is the road, calling us ``oh pastors, oh pastors... tell me a word please?´´ (word as in the word of God, or a scripture) He is really funny. There are also two twins that go to church with the karate teacher Pedro. They are super funny, but a little shy. We ́ll stop by there later this week. Then, There is an older woman that came with her dad for the second time today. We haven't met her very well yet, but I ́ve got high hopes. Also, Irma Ivonette has been bringing her non-member sister, and new boyfriend to church with her. We have TONS of people to run after this week haha! There are so many amazing opportunities here, I love all the miracles that we are seeing take place! I love you guys and hope you are well! See you Monday!!
-Elder Allen


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