October 21, 2019


Lencois Paulista


Elder Hadley

Week 48

Hi Mom! This week has been pretty busy, but awesome! We had Guilherme ́s Baptism earlier this week, which was super fun!! We also had some really really good foil wrapped cakes that one of our investigators made, as well as some Jabuticaba (jaw-boo-chee-cah-bah) Berries... Jabuticaba is a pretty interesting berry, because it grows on the trunk rather than the ends of the branches. This week, we are going to start teaching English classes every Saturday in the chapel. I'm hoping that that helps the missionary efforts down here a little as well. Also saw those massive lizards a little more this week by the river. I caught some pictures. To wrap up the awesomeness of the week, Yesterday afternoon, out of nowhere, there was a storm of these giant wasp-looking bees all throughout the city. It was really strange, yet cool. Apparently, a couple of times a year, after it rains and then gets warm, all of these queen ants come out of the ground to reproduce. They go crazy for a few hours, and then clip off their wings and burrow back into the ground. After the first couple of hours with queen bees everywhere, we had an activity with the youth in the chapel. There was a member of the ward there (Pedro) who told us how he used to always catch and eat them... And as you could have guessed, there was no resisting that mission story for us... So we got back into the street to catch some giant death-ants. For the bug lovers and wannies that might be reading this... You may want to skip the rest of the paragraph... First, you have to catch the death-ant (the easy part) It usually keeps wiggling until it hits the oil. This is when you start to smell honey. After it's nice and crispy, you pop it in your mouth, and eat it like a sunflower seed, getting the good stuff and leaving the shell. They taste kinda like off-brand honey-roasted peanuts. 10/10, but would not recommend unless you know what type of ant to fry. I ́ll throw some pictures at the end here for you guys... but you ́ve been warned haha
I Love you guys and hope all is well!!
- Elder Allen


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