October 7, 2019


Lencois Paulista


Elder Hadley

Week 46

Hey Mom! It sounds like you guys have had a pretty amazing week! Between Conference, and Halloween prep, full week! We have had a pretty big week ourselves. We have met a ton of awesome people in our area. Something that our mission President warned us about this area is that it´s one of the hardest ones, because the church has been here for about 20 years, but it´s still just a branch, and it´s been struggling lately, and doesn´t have a reputation of lots of baptisms. We weren´t able to watch the first three sessions of conference because the Branch President was working and there we couldn´t find any members that were going to watch. For the last session, we were able to get the branch president´s son to open the chapel and help us set things up to watch with investigators there. Two other members showed up and it was SO GOOD I loved Elder Peter M Johnson´s talk so much!! His message hit strong with our investigators as well. Not to mention President Nelson's message!!

Even though the area is a littler harder, we have been praying for miracles, and are seeing a ton!!! There are already two, possibly three baptisms marked for this week, and we found a family progressing rapidly for next week. I have a very strong testimony that when we have righteous desires, pray for help, and work diligently to do as much as we can to help, God works huge miracles in our lives. Raniel ( the first possible baptism) is 14, and has been frequenting church for a little over a year, asking his parents to let him be baptized. His Dad went to Church last Sunday and said that he´ll let him be baptized. The second, is Guillheirme, 17 years old, he´s a barber and really funny. He started being taught by the missionaries that were here before us. The last possibility is a relative of the Elder´s quorum president that has been investigating the church for a while now. God is touching hearts and turning stones here in Lençois Paulista. The family that came to conference with us is also really amazing. We found them knocking doors. The father´s name is Vicente, and he had a wife and little boy. Many times, we passed by and they weren´t home, but later in the day, we were impressed to go back and he was home. Also, yesterday there was a rainstorm and they found us and offered a ride to the chapel.

I love this gospel and the miracles that God is showing us in this area. I know that God has a big plan for each one of the amazing people in this little city, and I´m SO glad He gave me a second chance in this area. I love you guys and hope you are well! Have a great week!!

p.s. We saw a unique statue in front of an old train station and thought it´d make a great photo...

-Elder Allen


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