February 25, 2019


Bela Vista


Elder Moraes

Week 17

Hey Mom! As far as the mosquitoes go, when I first got here, it wasn't that bad, but I think the season is starting because they are everywhere now haha. Our mission provides us with mosquito repellent for the skin and a different kind to use on clothes and sheets because they like to land on beds during the day and wait for us haha, I still have yet to get sick from them. I probably won´t know anything about transfers until the night before (the night of the 3rd) It sounds like things are going really good at home, and I hope to get a chance to video chat you guys a little later but we have a lesson really soon here. I really love the temple too. I hope that you guys have lots of chances to go, because I wish that people here did too. I hope to see some pictures of Kiley and Brandon's new dog! does he have a name? This week we had another baptism. Her name is Taynara. She is 15 and lives with her Dad, Sister, and 2 month old little boy. I love seeing the happiness and unity that comes from the gospel. I have started to see how much the gospel really helps people in all types of circumstances. I don´t have a picture right now, but I´ll try to send one later when I call. I Love you guys and have a great week!!!
-Elder Allen
(Letter to Dad)
Hey Dad! Thanks for your thoughts this week! I really like what you have been learning about ministering. Because really, when we have the attitude of loving and serving everyone around us, we are really becoming closer to the Savior and how He lived. I have been learning a lot this week about personal study and how we can learn through the scriptures. As missionaries, we have about 3 hours that we can study in the mornings. I have been working on learning the scriptures and using them more in my teachings. I really like Preach My Gospel, for one because I am a missionary, but also because of the guide it gives in the scriptures. It is a great tool to help guide personal study if you have a question specific. Also, I really love the Christlike ``Attributes`` activity. Its basically a little rate your self activity that can help us see what things we need to work on most to become more like Christ. I strongly suggest that you guys try it out this week, during FHE, or on your own. I know that Heavenly Father loves you guys and wants us to be able to live in His presence. Let´s keep preparing. Love you guys!!
-Elder Allen


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