February 11, 2019


Bela Vista


Elder Moraes

Week 15

Hi Mom! I´m not sure of any of the specific changes yet. All I know for sure is that some missionaries were sent home, some will be sent home, others are being transferred, and the rules are being made clear. I think the majority of changes are going to happen at the end of the transfer. I hope that Grandpa Wallace's recovery is going well and that he remembers when he is feeling weakness to rely upon the Lord for strength. I have been learning a lot about that these past couple months. My Portuguese is really good sometimes, and then other times... not so much. Sometimes we need to pass through difficulties to remember why we are here and where we are going. Also, it helps keep us humble haha! This past week has been really good as far as missionary work goes. In our area Bela Vista, there usually isn't anyone on the road and security is pretty tight since its a richer area. This past week has been a really big blessing. We have been able to meet a lot of really amazing people and talk a lot about the gospel.

It makes me happy to hear that snow still exists and a little surprised that its snowing so hard in Idaho. Tell the girls that I have my fingers crossed for a snow day for them too! I love you guys and can´t wait to here more!!!
-Elder Allen

James's letter to his dad:
Hi Dad, thanks for your advice this week! I can tell that things like this are more than just a Brazil thing. There are a lot of things that have surprised me about the mission. But all things considered, I am learning a lot here, and a lot faster too. I think that when you have a open heart and ears ready to listen, it helps the learning process a ton. This week I haven't heard about any ´Today´ baptisms but I can tell that its still in the mindset of a lot of missionaries. I think part of the reason is because it has been discussed and justified and appeased for so long, to the point where people are twisting the scriptures to justify it. And honestly, a lot of missionaries believe that it is doctrine. They say that our purpose here in the mission is to Baptize unto repentance and the ward´s job is to retain them, but really that's not it at all. One of the first things they teach in the MTC is our purpose here. ´Convidar as pessoas achegarem-se a Cristo, ajudando a receber o Evangelho restorado por meio da fé em Jesus Cristo e em Sua Expiação, do Arrependimento, do Batismo, do receber o dom do Espirito Santo, e preseverar ate o fim. It does worry me to see how far off track some missionaries have gotten, but I hope that things get better here soon. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan and that nothing can overpower Him, No matter how deep the apostasia. Thanks for your help and for keeping the missionaries in your prayers! I Love you guys!
-Elder Allen


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