January 28, 2019


Bela Vista


Elder Moraes

Week 13

Hey mom! things are going good here! its a little hard not having another English speaker hear, but it's a good hard. I am doing a lot of talking, and a lot of walking. I have had a lot of really great opportunities to grow in the language, and grow closer to my district this week. It sounds like things have been pretty hard around home this past week. Also, tell Rebekah that I hope she gets feeling better, and to remember that when she is feeling really bad to remember that Jesus felt the exact same thing when he prayed for her. He knows exactly what you are feeling and he wants you to get better too. Thanks for transferring some money, its probably a good idea even though its not that dangerous here. The only people that aren't nice are the people that strongly disagree with the church. I don´t think that there is a lot of crime here. There are more people without homes and suffering from hunger, but I have seen lots more police cars than sketchy people. My first little while here, I didn't think I was that big compared to everyone else, but the other day, we were walking past a store with reflective windows and saw how much I stood out in the crowd. Also, I'm starting to notice that most of the mirrors in houses are about to the level that I can barely see the knot of my tie... I'm pretty tall by Brazil standards haha. It´s super exciting to hear about other people going into the mission because there is definitely a need for more missionaries. Where are you guys going for Spring Break? Oh also, I took some pictures of my area this week. Something about this part of Brazil is that there are a TON of different `evangelical` churches. This first photo has 3 really big ones, and I have no Idea how many little ones. The second photo is of a typical road in my area.


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