January 21, 2019


Bela Vista


Elder Moraes

Week 12

Hey Mom! Transfers went well, and the only person in my apartment that was transferred was Elder Hooper (the other Americano) which means I wont have the temptation to speak English any more!! From what I understand, he is serving as zone leader in a different zone now, closer to Londrina. This week was awesome and I learned so much! The zoo was pretty similar to the ones in the US, but it mostly had animals of Brazil. There were a crazy number of monkeys and birds... I have some photos.The last photo is a wild money I saw in the street! The mailing address for my mission is...
Rua:Belo Horizonte 1236
B:Centro CEP 86020-06
Love you so much Mom and have a great week!!

Hey Dad!! That looks like and awesome truck! Is it very different from your last one? I´m glad its a Ford, but I cant tell if it has a long bed because of the angle and I cant make out the lettering on the side... We had an awesome week this week and I´m learning a ton. This Tuesday was pretty tough because for some reason all of my lessons were really off base and my companion had to help me a lot more than usual. I was feeling pretty discouraged about my progress in the language, and in teaching. I did a lot of studying and praying that night, and the next morning. the next day was incredible. I felt really excited and motivated to speak with people, and I spoke a lot better. My lessons had the spirit more strong, and I felt more love for the people. I have started to realize that the harder I work, the more the Lord blesses me. Throughout the day, I received a really unusually high number of compliments about how well I am speaking for such little time here, and mu companion talked with me about how impressed he is with my progress. I know that this was Heavenly Father's way of giving me comfort and letting me know that He is proud of the work I am doing here. Love you guys!!!
-Elder Allen


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