January 14, 2019


Bela Vista


Elder Moraes

Week 11

Letter to mom:
Hi mom!!! I am having a lot of fun here. I think the thing I love most about Brazil is that there is fruit everywhere. Mangoes are in season right now and they are EVERYWHERE! and so much better fresh by the way haha! The hardest thing to adjust to has probably been the language, because I'm learning a lot of knew things, but also in a new language so it´s harder to understand things the first time. Luckily, I have a very awesome companion. He is super patient and really good at missionary work. FedEx is the way to go for mail in Brazil, because it can ship straight to the door without more complications. I think that the other packages will eventually find their way to one of us, but it'll probably take a while. Sorry I didn't know earlier. I think I was wrong about the transfers. My training is only 2 months and its likely I'll stay with my companion. The Brazilians here don't hate Americans, thank goodness haha! They do think that we are all rich, but it's not bad haha. For the most part, Brazilians seem to look at America as an example. Almost all of the Brazilians I have met have talked about how much they want to go there, and how much they love American music and movies. Its kind of weird, but the majority of songs that are played in the streets are either Brazilian pop, or more commonly songs from the states. The girls here are pretty consistently flirtatious, but not just with Americans. My Comp. gets a lot of eyelash flurries hahaha! One time, I was walking next to Elder Hooper on a p-day and an older woman came up to us and said something in Portuguese that I didn"t understand, Elder Hooper laughed awkwardly and jogged to catch up to the group, and I kind of said,´sorry we don"t speak very good Portuguese´ and caught up too. When I asked Elder Hooper what happened, he explained that she asked us what two young ´gatos´(cats) are doing in Brazil... we laughed a lot about that one haha! Also, I don't have lots of pictures this week, but I do have one of the rain with no clouds haha...
Letter to Dad:
OI Pai!! The Language is coming along well, and I only speak English with Elder Hooper when I ask how to say a word, or Something really important is happening that I don't understand. When I pay attention well, I can for the most part, understand everyone. It´s just speaking with the right conjugations that gets me. Brazilian Portuguese has about 25 conjugations for each verb. This is the main reason that its hard to understand me but for the most part,I think that I am understandable. My spiritual highlight for the week was this last Thursday. The morning was really hot, not a cloud in the sky, and the Brazilian sun is a little different than the American one haha, we were working really hard, and talking to everyone we could find, but no one was that willing to talk to us. Then, around 4 or 4:30 we actually were able to teach a lesson in the home of Reginaldo. The spirit was really strong and we were guided in how we could help him best. Towards the end of the lesson, It started to rain a lot. When we finished, it was much cooler and still raining. Not enough to where we couldn't go outside, but enough that we would be comfortable outside. I love the scripture in D&C 121-122 about patience, and I know that when we try our best, even when times are hard, we will be blessed immensely. Love you guys!!
Elder Allen


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