January 7, 2019


Bela Vista


Elder Moraes

Week 10

Hi mom!!! Things are going really well here. I'm progressing well. Whenever someone asks me how long I´ve been out, I like to make them guess so that I can see how far along I am more or less, and almost everyone says 4 or 5 months, which is a good thing... I think...😂 we have this week and one more before transfers. I'm not sure if Ill get to keep my companion because from what I hear, usually you get a new one pretty much every transfer, but Ill have 4 transfers with a trainer regardless. My training is about 4 months with 4 transfers. I could have 4 different trainers, or in theory, 1 haha. I cant wait till I can go to the temple again!! I have missed the temple a lot the past few weeks. I'm super excited for Cheri! Tell them congrats for me? oh and i think i saw something about April´s engagement right before I left on face book, Super exciting!!! I love you SO MUCH!!!
Elder Allen
James' letter to Rebekah:
Hi Bekah!! Yes, we have placed some copies of the book of Mormon haha! I'm not sure exactly how many but I think about 12. I really really miss you to the north pole and back! How are you liking the new church schedule?! My companion is really nice and really funny. We have lots of fun, but also times to be more reverent. And even though my companion doesn't speak any English, I taught him a few words like oops and garbage can. he really likes to say garbage can😂 I Love you More!!
Elder Allen
James' letter to Jason:
Yeah haha! After the first rain storm I started doing like you used to and carrying around a grocery bag just in case. And yes, it is a fanny pack I am wearing. 😂 I have discovered that it is much easier to carry the things I need in that than my bigger bag. I use my bigger bag for Sundays and district meetings when I need more books, but for proselyting, all I really need are 2 copies of the book of Mormon, two pamphlets of each lesson, a bible, and my mission manual. My trainer had 3 fanny packs and one of them he calls `the pack of decendance`(loosely translated). Basically it has been handed down from trainer to trainee for about 6 mission generations haha
Elder Allen


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