December 17, 2018


Bela Vista


Elder Moraes

Week 7

James's letter to his dad:
Hey Dad, Thank you for your message this week, I loved the pictures as well, tell brother Bybee I said thank you! Things are awesome here. Its a little hard, but at the same time not really. There are a lot of hills here and I'm starting to know what it feels like to walk uphill both to and from home haha. Our area is a little difficult because most people will talk to us, but if religion comes up its a ghost town. We have met some amazing people though! right now we have an investigator that came to church with us this Sunday. his first lesson was when we were on our way to an appointment at an address that didn't exist, (465) but he stopped us and asked if we wanted water. After letting us in, and giving us water, he started asking questions about our church, we taught him about the restoration, and he was really interested. He really loved reading the bible. We gave him O Livro De Mormon and he got really excited. even though sometimes it seems hard to walk up a hill, I cant imagine something as small as a mountain, let a lone a hill get in the way of someone else's salvation. The worth of souls is great in the sight of the lord, and through diligent work, it can be in our eyes too.
With love,
Elder Allen
Letter to Mom:
Hey mom! sorry I couldn't email last week, I was on my way to the mission!!! I am in the Bela Vista area of Brazil, kinda near the city Londrina. There lots of awesome people here, and lots of mangoes too haha! My companion is a Brazilian from the north east. His name is Elder Moraes. He has been out for 5 months. Our district has one other north american named elder hopper, from Ohio. he´s pretty awesome too. Our house was a little nasty when we moved in but its ship shape now haha! I don't have any pictures, but I'll get some for next week! It is pretty hot here, about 40 degrees Celsius at the hot parts of the day. It rains quite a bit though which brings a nice cooler breeze. We go to check emails at an internet cafe about an hour out, which isn't that bad for this area. We are getting along really well and he is really good at the work. He is pretty new to the mission for a trainer, 5 months, but he is Brazilian, so he picked things up fast. The language is a little harder out here because I cant use English as a fall back, but its probably good for me haha.
I cant wait to hear more from you guys!
-Elder Allen
PS-my email day will be Monday from now on


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