November 29, 2018


Sao Paulo


Elder Blau

Week 4

Eu sou vivo...

Oi mãe!!! For thanksgiving, we had really great mashed potatoes and turkey. Also, thank you so much for the cookies! they were super good, I wish that you guys could have experienced it haha, I am going to be in the CTM until December 11th, that´s the day I leave. The CTM said that they cant accept any packages for security reasons, but the mission home can. I haven't been able to access the internet, so I'm not sure on the Londrina mission home´s address but I should be there by the 12th. It sounds like you guys have had a crazy week! The movers sound like they deserve a heck of a yelp review haha! I am SO excited to hear that cam-man and Kelle are going to be baptized!! send lots of pictures! I am also a little sad about the house in Boise, but I think it´ll be in good hands. All of the guys in my District are headed to Londrina, except our phillipinos who are going to fortaleiza, up north. We are a kind of small district. we were originally supposed to be 8, but elder Davis had to head home, and his companhiero never came. most districts are around 11, but I like this a little better. We are super close. I´ll attach some more pictures!! I love you and miss yáll! Talk to you soon!!

Seu Filho,
Elder Allen


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