November 21, 2018


Sao Paulo


Elder Blau

Week 3

Hi Mom! I am so glad to hear that things are going well there. I love you guys so much! My thoughts and prayers will be with the Lindsay family. I am sorry to hear about such hardships, but I know that Heavenly Father has a plan and that everything we go through has a purpose.

I cant believe that Kate is driving that much!!! It scares me a little bit to think of haha, but I'm sure shes a really good driver. I'm sorry that I cant send any pictures this week, but I left my camera upstairs and the clock is ticking haha, Thanksgiving sounds like its going to be a blast over there! there is going to be a devotional broadcast to the CTM from Provo on thanksgiving and I'm really excited for that! They multiply the price like crazy haha. Thank you guys for everything you have done to help me choose to come out here, and thank you for all you are doing to keep me in the loop!
Te Amo!!!
-Elder Allen
Letter to Rebekah:
Hi Rebekah!!! I love it when pip does that!!! I miss you and Pipster so much!!! My companion's name is Elder Blau. My other companion Elder Davis headed back home last Thursday to take care of some things, but we are having a good time!! The language study is going really good and I'm learning a lot! Miss u guys!!!
-Elder Allen
Letter to Jason:
Hey Dad! I have been very blessed with great teachers for my language study and things are going really well. I can give most of the gospel discussions in Portuguese, but outside of the gospel I'm still a little clueless haha! I am learning a lot about promptings of the spirit and how to follow them. The easiest part so far has probably been becoming close with my district. The language is probably the most challenging, but its super interesting at the same time! My favorite thing so far has been talking to my Brazilian roommates. They are awesome and super friendly. They left this morning around 4 am. tomorrow we get some new roommates that will be new to the CTM, I secretly hope that I get some more Brazilados haha! They are a Huge help in learning the language and its cool to see how universal faith in Jesus Christ is and how it is so important in all types of lives. I have a feeling that they might serve turkey on thanksgiving, but this week I found out that they only really eat bread for breakfast. the other meals of the day are big on beans, rice, and chicken. I hope you guys have an awesome week and I'm so excited to hear that the house sold. The Lord watches after His servants.
Love you guys!!!
-Elder Allen


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