November 13, 2018


Sao Paulo


Elder Blau

Week 2

Hey mom!! its so nice to hear from you guys!! I am so happy that Kate had fun, but at the same time, I think you should consider locking her up in her room for the rest of her life so that she never goes on a date. LOL! Sorry about my misspellings and lack of punctuation, sometimes the keyboards down here have the wrong symbols, so its impossible to find the right key. The CTM here in Sao Paulo has 2 nearby templos (temples in portuguese). one 15 minutes away in Saou Paulo still, and the other is about 1.5 hours away in a city I cant spell haha, we get to go every p-day in the CTM. last wednesday (pday) we went to the one in sao paulo and tommorow we are going to the one that is further away. The templos here are so pretty!!! I am not sure what is wrong with the photo links, but ill try to send some more. Im so excited for christmas and do you think that you could email me my Melkizedek athourtity lineage? As far as packages go, I know that the CTM cant receive them, and im not entirely sure what the londrina address is just yet, but ill let you know what i can find out. Also, i think i forgot that flash drive...😓... I love you so much!!! talk to you soon!

James’ letter to his dad:
Hey dad! I have actually lost about 10 lbs since i have been here, but not for lack of eating haha! We have time set apart for playing basketball and going to the gym, not to mention elders don´t use the elevators so climbing to the 5th floor (6th in america) a few times throughout the day has really helped me slim down a little. We had hotdogs yesterday but brazillian hot dogs are different. here, they put two hot dogs in a roll, with mashed potatoes, fried onion shavings, and sour cream.the first one was good, but i should not have eaten another haha! also, the keyboards here are a little weird so i cant fix anything grammar-wise or edit anything really. here they call syl, fyl (falar means speak) but i totally see what you mean. me and my district sit by brazilados every meal and speak as much portuguese as possible. a typical day starts at 630, and then we get ready and have breakfast at 7-715. then we have classes on teaching the gospel, but all our classes are in portuguese, so really we learn more portuguese because the teaching part comes much easier than the language. first we have mock- lessons with our teachers in rooms where we can be recorded and look over them again later, and after lunch we do a little more of that and then some more language study. after that, we have dinner and head to bed. our sunday lessons are mostly in english but devotionals on sundays and mondays are in portuguese, but they have translator head sets. The picture was of our zone and the mission president. He usually conducts the meetings, but speakers range from mission pres. - local converts. Did you guys get an email from Cheneys cookies? I sent you something haha... also, I found out that online there is a way to send elders messages and cookies without all the shipping stuff, we get to stop by there on pdays. 17 degrees is so crazy! I dont think it has dropped below 70 since I got here! im out of time. Love you guys!


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