November 6, 2018


Sao Paulo


Elder Blau

Week 1

Hi mom!!! The MTC (CTM here) is super busy, but super fun. we always have stuff to do. the Language is really challenging, but when I have faith and study hard, I manage OK. From what I understand, the CTM meals are a lot like what it will be in the field. Sao Paulo is a HUGE city. there are skyscrapers EVERYWHERE. I took some pictures, but they really don't do it justice... My companion Elder Davis is the one squatting with our little Phillipino friends haha! That's most of my district in the picture. Sao Paulo is beautiful! AS long as I don't run out of time, I can finish my thoughts in a second. haha
(I guess he ran out of time. lol)
Here is his letter to his dad where we get a few more details about the MTC:
Hey Dad!
I have 2 companions, Elder Blau, the district leader is from Arizona, and Elder Davis is from Oregon.
The MTC here is 6 floors, and pretty big I think. There is a courtyard, fitness center and lots of classrooms.
I have no idea how many missionaries there are, but 4 of the 6 floors are all dorms.
the food here is SO AMAZING. there is a lot of really good meat, and bread I didn't know existed. Tucanos is pretty accurate, but every meal has rice and pinto beans.
I am having such a great time here! I love being able to feel the spirit all the time! I loved those Halloween costumes!! I miss you guys so much!!
Love, Elder Allen.


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