September 7, 2017



Greetings from the mtc!

Hey all, it has been a crazy first week here. There is so much to talk about. The first day we were rushed in and pretty much went non-stop from classroom to meeting to meals until the end of the day. Going to sleep that first night was so nice.

The second day we got our first taste of freedom. Instead of being told exactly where to go and when, we were given a schedule and expected to follow it. We also got to teach our first lesson in Norwegian. They throw you right into the language, and you have to figure out what the instructors/investigators are saying. Usually a lot of the understanding comes from hand motions and what little does get written with a translation.

My district consists of 15 missionaries, 10 Elders and 5 Sisters. All of us are headed to Norway. Our branch contains groups heading to Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Netherlands, and we had an elder who just left for Mongolia. We also frequently pray in the language we are learning, even in meetings with mixed languages, so it has been interesting to hear all the different ways to say the same phrases.

The food is mediocre, but I make sure to find enough food to sustain me. One great thing about the cafeteria is there is always chocolate milk available. It's great being able to have that for every meal I want.

Our Sunday was intense, but relaxing. As it was fast Sunday we didn't have to worry about meals, so from about 7 A.M. until dinner it was solid meetings. I've never had an experience quite like it, but I was definitely ready to go to sleep at the end of the night.

On Tuesday we had our weekly missionary devotional, and Dallin H Oaks was the speaker. He spoke about changing our behaviors, achieving goals, and then becoming who Christ wants us to be. The feeling as he entered the room was great. It was definitely one of the strongest times I have ever felt the spirit.

Pictures will be sent next week, as we are still figuring out the best ways to share and upload them. My district is also going to be celebrating Christmas this coming week, so we shall see how that goes.

All in All, it has been a hectic first week but a good one. My P-days are Thursdays, so I should be sending out my emails in the mornings on Thursday. Also, if anyone wants to send me a letter while in the mtc,apparently there is a site called "Dear Elder" which is a free service that someone in the mtc will print out the letter and have it delivered to the mailbox.

Med kjærlighet,
Eldste Aland


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