April 16, 2018



Elder Love

Member? I guess not.

We had an exceptional week for us in terms of missionary work.
First person we had a lesson with this week was Travis. He is originally from Jamaica, but moved to Norway when he was 20. (Ca 35 now) He was actually a referral from a member who had only talked to him for 15 minutes but said he was interested. He lives only a couple hundred feet from the church so that makes it a little easier as well. He was quite inquisitive but in a good way, really wanted to know what we believe but also why we believe it.
Zone conference was on Thursday. We focused on utilizing stories to have more effective teaching and making sure investigators know why they are meeting with the missionaries so that they aren't caught off guard when we ask them to do things. I also ate four pieces of carrot cake, they had a few slices left over and wanted to wash the dishes so I did my part to help finish off the cake. 🍰
Now the experience that generated the subject line. Last Sunday we got a call from some other Elders that a member had just moved into our ward boundaries and wanted to come to church. So we gave him a call, and he lives about 45 minutes outside of Moss city. This Sunday we got a call from him about 15 minutes before Sacrament started and he said he was outside. So we met him and started introducing him to people. His name is Rodrigo and he originally comes from Ecuador but has lived in Norway for quite a while.
Over the course of Sacrament meeting we started to realize that he wasn't a member. So we took him to Gospel Principles. We also have quite a few YSA who served Spanish speaking missions so they would all talk with him and that was quite cool as well. The point where we really found out he wasn't a member was during the lesson in Gospel Principles. It was on the Priesthood, and he asked how he could get the Priesthood. The teacher explained that first step was to start meeting with the missionaries! So we will be teaching him now as he has said he wants to be a member! All the members who met him asked how we found him, and we then explained how he found us. We are now just receiving the opportunity to continue the missionary work someone else started.
We also had the opportunity to teach Young Men's on Sunday. I noticed after the lesson that I was always thinking about what I wanted to say, not how to say it. It's amazing the difference of being able to communicate properly can make. We talked about the Book of Mormon and the power of the scriptures, and then I also invited them that when they have a scripture they really like to snap-chat it to one another so that everyone can learn and benefit. I believe they thought that suggestion was a bit strange.
And on a completely unrelated note, we saw a bus hit a car ride outside our apartment. We were doing studies and suddenly heard the sound of metal crunching. No one got hurt but the car took some damage. It was also funny seeing some of the cars acting like nothing happened, someone was sweeping up some shards from the accident and a car decided it was a good idea to drive right through the pile. ​​​​
2 Nephi 32:3 Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.The scriptures really do contain everything we need. I can testify of that and I've seen the differences in people's lives between those who are actively studying them and those who don't. Those who choose to study them are always happier, even if circumstances aren't quite what they would like.
That's all for this week. I would say winter is also officially over for us in Moss, there is still an occasional pile of snow from earlier plowing, but those are shrinking quite fast. We also are now getting warmer weather so it is feeling like spring not winter. Pictures: Car accident. --

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