March 5, 2018



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Members are awesome.

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Subject: Members are awesome.

First major thing this week was we had a successful biking trip! It was long and steep, but we were able to deliver the message we had set out to share. However, we were also told by multiple people that we were crazy for doing it the night we did. It was one of the colder nights this week, but that doesn't stop the missionaries. After the ride while we were resting in the church eating our well deserved snacks, one of the members told us our winter gear wasn't sufficient. Later while we were at a different member's house eating dinner we found out that the topic of our winter gear had come up at relief society. It apparently has become a ward concern that we aren't wearing enough wool, and we were told if it wasn't remedied soon they will be forced to bring up the topic in ward council. My companion and I couldn't help but laugh at that because during the bike ride we were not at all cold, biking up steep roads tends to warm you up. The ward cares a lot about us. And yes, I have wool stuff but it is not cold enough to wear it, anytime I do I sweat up a storm, so I have all the gear I need.🚵
Also on the note of member's being concerned about us, the bishop texted us friday and asked if he could bring over some food. We of course said yes so he showed up a little later with a pizza from domino's. That is probably the part of being a missionary I like best. Lots of people are concerned with you getting food. 🍕
Most of the other activities of the week were fairly routine, we helped move again, and one cool thing we that was we were helping to assemble a crib. However, in the chaos of moving the allen wrench needed was no where to be found. My companion then asked if I still had the bike kit in my bag because it contains a set of allen wrenches. I find it amazing how many things as a missionary tie together, I would never have guessed that due to us using bikes we had the proper tools to assemble a crib, but that is how life goes.
And now a few random thoughts/tidbits of information.
The Book of Mormon Musical: It will be in Norway through September, and as long as I'm in Moss I will be helping every few weeks. In Sunday School we got on the topic of how many books are shared and did some math and as a total approximately 1 person in every 200 (0.6% of the population to be more precise) in Norway will have received a Book due to the musical. I'm a numbers person so that was fascinating to me.
Bikes/Transportation in Norway: Moss is the only official biking area in Norway, but there are quite a few areas up North that have bikes, but they aren't official biking areas. The bikes stay with the area. All missionaries get a bus card for their respective county they are in. Travel to Zone conference can consist of Trains and or Flying, depending on the area.
And now some assorted quotes from Brigham Young:
We have the Gospel of life and salvation, to make bad men good and good men better.
The principles of eternity and eternal exaltation are of no use to us, unless they are brought down to our capacities so that we practice them in our lives.
If we wish to enjoy the Spirit of Zion, we must live for it. Our religion is not merely theory; it is a practical religion, to bring present enjoyment to every heart.

The gospel is the way to eternal joy and happiness. Life is best for me when I'm striving to live it to the best of my ability, even if it isn't the easiest thing to do. Try this week to identify one thing that you can do a little better, and ACTUALLY do it. I've set plenty of great goals, but most of them never grow past that. Action is a mandatory part.
Pictures: Pizza! I know it probably isn't exciting to receive pictures of pizza, but it was a major part of the week. Oh yeah, also just remember that I've officially been a missionary for 6 months. So yeah, milestone.--

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