January 22, 2018




Elder Love

We got snow.

First thing that happened to us is last Monday we got about a foot of snow, and when they plowed the streets all that snow ended up on the sidewalks, so they were effectively unusable. This is the first time I've seen snow in quantities that aren't typical of Utah so much, so that has been fun. It has also entailed a lot of Shoveling at the Church. I also up to this point hadn't invested in boots, but decided it was time to now.
Thursday was a hectic day as well. We had Zone Conference, and this was the first time I hadn't flown to zone conference. We just had to take a hour long train ride, so it was a different experience. Zone conference was a blast, we reviewed Safeguards to Technology, so everyone in the mission is hoping that means we get smart phones, but most likely not.
After zone conference we took a train back and headed over to a presentation about why the Book of Mormon Musical is such a success. There were two presenters along with a Church Representative from Drammen. We were only there for the 2nd half of the event, but when we had showed up it was at the question portion. People were able to ask questions about the church and have them explained thoroughly by the Church Representative, so that was awesome. There were about 50 non-members there, and we handed out about 15 copies of the Book of Mormon. Quite a few of those had been people invited by members, so I'm excited to see what happens.
On Saturday we had dinner with the Stake President's family, and a friend of their oldest daughter. The friend's name is Celine, and she has been taught by missionaries on and off for the past few years. She had wanted at those times to be baptized, but her parents said no. Now she is 18, and the lesson we had with her went awesome. She is pretty shy but we could tell she felt the spirit. We have another appointment with her next Saturday so I'm super pumped for that.
Also on Friday night we had dinner with the Hagen Family again. This time 4 of their kids were visiting Grandma's so it was only the 3 Teenagers and the 2 year old. Their house wasn't nearly as hectic this time. It was less of a party, but we were able to share a lesson more effectively.
On Sunday We had the opportunity to teach Young Men's because their teacher was sick and asked us to teach. He recommended we just do a Q&A about being a missionary, so we did just that. It was great seeing some of the kids who weren't typically enthusiastic about church/spiritual thoughts showing a lot of interest in missionary life.
I also had the privilege of watching the Broadcast and press release with President Nelson. He is an impressive man and even more Impressive servant of God. Hearing him share his first thoughts as prophets was awesome, and I know he will continue to lead the church effectively.
Stemming from that, it seems right to share a thought from President Nelson. “We live in the most vibrant era in the history of the world. I wake up every morning eager for the adventures of the day. And I hope you feel that same exuberance for the gift of life.” I love President Nelson's Optimism towards life, and that is something I know everyone can use.
Final note, if you ever have any questions about my life/mission you want answered, be sure to send them.
Pics: View from the Apartment. We live right in the center of town, so nights aren't always the quietest but we are able to talk to a lot of people.--

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