December 11, 2017



Elder Baldwin

Missionary work everywhere!

This week has been hectic, from lost baggage to some drumming to an insane amount of snow this morning, I'm probably going to miss some major events this week, but I will do my best.
So I began my week with cutting our p day a little short so we could go teach Margaret, the lady with an awesome testimony. We ended up meeting with both her and her husband, Inge. (My companion and I joked a little bit that Inge is a Norwegian girl name, but hey, it's his name!) He actually told us a story about how when he was younger he spent some time smuggling bibles past the berlin wall. I'm looking forward to continue meeting with them as they both have an amazing knowledge and understanding of the bible, and they are definitely prepared to learn more!
Tuesday evening we flew down to Oslo in preparation for our Christmas Zone conference with half the mission. In the two apartments in the area we stayed we consumed around 20 pizzas between everyone who was staying there. Lots of food is required to feed missionaries. Walking to the apartment was an adventure, Oslo is a massive city. being in Ålesund I sometimes forget about how big buildings can really get.
Wednesday we had our conference, just a day of chaos and fun. I got to catch up with some of the elders in my mtc group, enjoy great company and just all around have a great day. At the end of the conference we watched a slideshow with pictures of all the missionaries childhoods, and also including marriage pictures from the senior couples. It was awesome seeing how drastic some missionaries have changed.
Splits in Bergen on Friday with the zone leaders involved a lot of traveling. We had to fly, then hop on a train for another half hour to get to the bergen church building and rendezvous with the zone leaders, and then there was another train ride to get into the heart of the city. I ended up doing a lot of walking between houses as we were attempting to track down some less actives, but sadly to no avail. On the way back on saturday we had to fly to Oslo and then to Ålesund, and our luggage got lost along the way. Thankfully we only had to wait a day and then they brought our stuff to our apartment.
Yesterday we had Emil in Church again, and then went with him after to chat with his family. They own a store here in Ålesund. A few weeks ago when we had the elders from K-sund here and they said there was an old guy who gave missionaries discounts on sweaters. Turns out this was Ståle, emils dad. It's crazy how friendly people are that have had positive experiences with Missionaries. Ståle plays the drums quite well, and gave us a little taste. He even offered to let us play, and my companion took him up on the offer. Emil is praying about being baptized and I think he is going to decide to go through with it, as he has a ton of support from his family.
We also got a ton of snow this morning. I would guess it is around 4-6 inches, all over night. It's amazing how much moisture exists in Ålesund, it seems as though it never really stops precipitating.
Spiritual thought this week is Matthew 7:1 & 21 Judge not, that ye be not judged.2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.I think it's important to remember during this Christmas Season that everyone is trying their best, and sometimes their best won't be what you expect, but that's okay as none of us are perfect.
Pictures: 1. This is outside the church, all this snow was not present when we went to bed last night. 2. Our Christmas tree from home! 3. President Hill at Zone Conference. Not his usual attire.


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