October 31, 2017



Elder Baldwin

Birthday in Norway

My companion has recovered and we've done a lot this week.
I finally got to try my first Kebab! It was a lot bigger than I expected. It was about a foot long and tasted amazing. It's kind of the same idea as a burrito except longer, a little thinner, and no beans.
We also had zone leader splits this week. They flew in on Thursday Morning and left Friday Evening. Thursday I was with Elder Hansen from Idaho. We did some contacting and he was a great example to me of being a missionary. He didn't let anybody walk by us without him trying to talk to them. On Friday I was with Elder Bourgoyne, who is from Bountiful. One of the people we ended up talking to was an older gentleman who had met with the missionaries before, but when the elders got pulled out of Ålesund last time He stopped meeting with the missionaries. His name is Nikolai and we have a meeting with him tonight.
Another investigator we met during Zone leader splits was Mona. Elder Rumsey and Elder Hansen talked to her friday, and invited her to church. She came yesterday, and we will be meeting with her soon.
We also had branch conference this week, so two Stake members from Stavanger flew in to meet with us. In all we had 12 people present for church including the missionaries. It is a very different experience for church, and our church building is actually the bottom floor of an old bakery.
On Saturday we went to Annbjørn's house for dinner. We had the best pancakes I have ever had. We also had Jule Brus, which is a soda that is only available around Christmas. Each area in Norway actually has there own recipe, so we got to try a few a them. The one I liked best tasted almost like creme soda.
Our area has a car that we share with the sisters, and then we also have a bus pass. One thing that is quite different in Norway is cars ALWAYS stop for pedestrians. If you are even somewhat near a crosswalk or approaching one, cars will stop and let you cross. They also put roads just about everywhere. We frequently go through tunnels that are either right through a mountain or go underwater. One tunnel which we have to go through to get to the airport is a little over 2 miles long.
Our apartment is quite nice. We have a couch, fishing poles, and the book of mormon in about 20 different languages. We will probably try going fishing on one of our P-days.
Instead of a scripture this week, I'm going to share a statement from a document my companion shared at district meeting: What does the word “endure” mean? It means we white ­knuckle it, “I'm going to endure this”, right? Wrong. The Hebrew word means to “make everlasting and omnipotent” ­ to make you like God. It is a sanctifying process. Enduring to the end is one of the most sanctifying and exalting doctrines we have, and we think it's just “hanging in there”.I thought that was such an interesting thought that I had to share it.Pictures are of 1. Our Apartment 2. Picture with my companion and some of the awesome scenery 3. A very narrow and Steep road we drive on frequently. 4. Us and the Sisters at Annbjørn's house for dinner.--
Current AddressElder James AlandBergvegen 236003 ÅlesundNorge


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