October 31, 2017



Elder Baldwin

Early Morning Temple trip, and Norway is approaching.

Due to some adjusting of companions of our sisters in our district, we had the opportunity of going to the temple early in the morning with the Swedish and Dutch Districts. It was quite a different feeling being there so early, and there were very few non-missionaries in our session. We also ate in the temple cafeteria and I had a delicious omelete with some sausage links.
On sunday our devotional speakers were Brother and Sister Gilbert, who are part of the MTC presidency. They did more of a Q&A session than a standard talk, and it was really interesting to hear all the different perspectives of different missionaries. They focused upon the plan of salvation and all the support built into this life in order to help us succeed.
On tuesday we heard from Elder Bragg of the Seventy. He served his mission in Mexico, and got married to his Mission President's daughter a few years after returning. He said he didn't start talking to her until after his mission, but my district wasn't fully convinced. He talked about the power of an individual missionary who is fully committed to the gospel and how much one person can do. Some of the stories he told were of how a branch of 7 elderly ladies changed to a ward with over 40 families because of one individual, and another of when Paraguay was opened to missionaries that an missionary had 19 baptisms in the first month because he knew his cause was right. I found it so impressive how much One individual can do.
We are also getting excited for Conference. I have a feeling I will be able to get so much out of it due to how focused on the gospel I've been for the past month. Knowing how great some of the speakers at the MTC have been makes me just that much more pumped for the pondered talks.
Tomorrow I will be teaching a member in Norway. We have a skype session scheduled for tomorrow, and I'm super excited to see how much (or how little) of my Norwegian they will be able to understand. ​​
I've also gotten my schedule for my first days in Norway and I should be getting my flight plans soon. I feel like it will be a very different experience after being around so many missionaries for so long.
My scripture this week is Moroni 7:4747 But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endurethforever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day,it shall be well with him.

It's important to keep others in our thoughts and even we are struggling. By having charity it will help us to stay optimistic.
The pictures attached are of the Norwegian Birthday song, and part of the scenery we get to enjoy. Even the MTC is a beautiful place.--
Med kjærlighet,Eldste Aland
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