October 31, 2017

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Norway, here I come!

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Subject: Norway, here I come!

As my time in the MTC winds down my anticipation to leave keeps growing. I just can't wait to have the opportunity to start sharing the gospel.
Probably the coolest experience in the MTC I've had so far happened on Friday. We had the chance to teach a member in Norway over skype. The member lives in Tromsø, which is more towards the Northern part of Norway, and she had 3 companion ships of missionaries who also said hi to us while we were calling. Even though there was some difficulty communicating between using the computer and our broken Norwegian, I was able to feel the spirit so strongly as I testified of the truthfulness of our message. It is a great feeling knowing that we were able to teach somebody who does not have nearly the same frequency of hearing the gospel.
The next big event was general conference. It is a completely different experience in the MTC. We were dressed up in suits for all of the sessions, and I learned so much from this session. I had two talks really stand out to me. First was Elder Quentin L Cook in the Saturday afternoon session. I loved how we must remember we are all alike before God, and that we must have humility. We are unable to serve without humility, and humility is a sign of our Spiritual Strength.
The other talk that stood out to me was by Elder Donald L Hallstrom in the Sunday Morning Session. I think the thing that stuck out to me the most was do we have the faith to accept whatever happens? It is hard to believe sometimes in the great miracles that can happen in our life, but I think it is even harder when we have that faith and we do not receive those miracles. He told the story of the plane crash that happened near our home, and it really struck me just how hard it can be to continue to have faith amid trials.
Later on Sunday evening for our devotional we had John Munoa come and speak, who is the director of the new Bible videos. It was really great and well needed for us missionaries to have a break from deep doctrine and be able to learn quite a bit about how those videos were made.
Our Tuesday Devotional we heard from Bonnie L Oscarson, Young Woman General President who also spoke in conference. Her Husband served as a Swedish Mission president when she was just 25, and I found it amazing hearing some of their experiences. She also shared the story of the current bush, and I found it to be so needed as the Swedish sisters in the MTC all have visa delays and reassignments. It is amazing how well timed everything in the MTC is, and seeing some of the tender mercies that the Lord grants to us.
I also went to my last temple session for a while earlier this morning. I will definitely miss my weekly trips and am looking forward to my next visit.

Attached are some pictures of the mountain views we have been enjoying.
My district is pretty sure our P-days will be on Mondays, so my next email should come a week from Monday.--
Med kjærlighet,Eldste Aland
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