September 22, 2019




Nicholas Wheeler

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Family and friends hello!

So for some reason I cannot add a subject.... soooo uh sorry about that.

Wow. What a week. I seriously have seen and learned so much this week about the Philippines, about myself, and of course... about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

So let us begin with just a small recap of some things that happened and then hop into some random things that should bring a smile to all of your wonderful faces.

This week Elder Wheeler has been sick. It is sad to see. Being sick on the mission is brutal because there really is nothing you can do except wait it out. So, after our zone interviews on Tuesday, we went back to the bahay and Elder Wheeler got some muuuuuch needed rest. I did laundry all day and cleaned the place up, and of course... studied tagalog :') Oh sweet sweet Tagalog. Oh how I just love language study. It's really easy to stay awake during, and even easier to understand! All jokes. It's not that bad. It's fun to learn and understand more and more every day! I am looking for all of the good and fun parts of being a beginner!

So let's fast forward from Tuesday to Thursday which is when I found myself right in the middle of my favorite mission experience thus far. It was so rad. So do me a favor and really try to paint this in your mind and experience what I experienced the other day. So we are finding, and walk up to this house and then talk to the tatay (dad/father) and he says yeah we can come in. So I climb up into this house and am met by ten little eyes of five little kids staring right at me. If only you could see these kids. They are adorable. So at this point the sun is beginning to set so there's this super cool light coming through the house and it's just rad. So then the little kids form a semi circle around me and Elder Wheeler and their dad is behind them listening as well. We then taught about how the gospel blesses families... well... more like Elder Wheeler taught and I testified because that's the best I can do for now. However, I was happy that I just got to listen because of what was right in front of me. It was amazing to see these five Filipino children and their tatay listening so closely to what E. Wheeler was saying... sitting on smooth bamboo floor... with the sun setting... oh wow. It was just too cool. The spirit was strong and I just thought how fortunate I was to have met them, and hopefully to continue to meet them and grow closer to this beautiful family.

Okay this is long. Just a few more things. Elder Ackley gets carried away easily. Here's the speed round. Maybe some TMI but hey let's make this interesting.

-I have to ask Elder Wheeler to translate everything... and sometimes they are things that people say in English... embarassing hahaha

-a young child threw up right next to me at the hospital and some of his barf splashed onto my shoe. Masarap.

-we put our toothbrushes in the fridge to prevent bacteria growth

-being dry is a thing of the past. I am sweating. Constantly.

-electric fans are my best friend

-oranges at home are much better than they are here

-The gospel is the same everywhere :)

So that's pretty much it for this week. Let me just end by a great quote I got from the young adult face to face with Elder Suarez we got to watch yesterday! It really is great. Here it is: "Sometimes we must make mistakes to bring us closer to God and to Christ. By making mistakes, we increase our understanding." What a rad quote. Changes how we think of making mistakes and repenting. Think about that.

Thanks for all of your support and love! I love you all and miss you all!!


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