August 1, 2019



Magandang Umago Po!


I am here in the MTC and I am happy as can be... I'll give you a little rundown of how everything has gone over the past few days and how my figgie travels were!

Okay so I go through security after waving goodbye #depression and I walked to my gate and met up with three other elders who are SO SO SO SO COOL. We have been homies ever since and have been loving hanging with each other. Elders Tichert, Hawkins, and Finch. It is so good to have close friends here.

The flight to San Fran was very good. I sat next to some dude who was on his ipad the whole time. lol a meme. Then we got to San Fran and ate and walked around and just had a good old time not knowing what to do at all. It was quite brutal to just sit there. I had a super cool experience as I lost my luggage tags and so we had to walk all the way across the airport... to get them from delta terminal 1 and ran into some elders from Taiwan who were heading to slc who spoke absolutely zero English. We were able to help them get to their flight! So we then get to the desk and find out that my luggage tags were stuck to the back of my ticket the whole time... I swear they weren't there before.... God works in mysterious ways! Cool experience to start everything off.

So the flight to Manila was AMAZING!!!! I had THREE seats to myself and was able to sleep for 11 hours!!!!! I can think of NOTHING better than that. Wow. All of us elders had SOOO much space and it was so wonderful to just sleep and chill the whole time.

Manila airport was chill. Not much to say.

Then we went to the hotel... got there at 330am... and then had to stay there until the next day, today. We all just talked and had a great time all day!!

So here I am at the mtc.

This is all I was supposed to send to you... "I arrived safely here at the mtc .My preperation day is on wednesday or thursday."

Butttttt I love you too much to not send you more :)

Love you all!

Email you soon!!!!


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