July 3, 2017


San Ignacio, Paraguay


Elder Soto

Week 93 (San Ignacio)

Well it is getting harder and harder to remember what happened in what week but I can assure you this week was good....they always are in the service of the Lord.

The main thing that really sticks out in my mind from this week would be that we had Divisions with the AP´s. Well actaully one AP and an office secretary that accompanied him because the other AP had his passport full and couldnt cross over from Argentina! It was super fun (especially to speak English....hahah that is so bad but it has been so hard speaking only spanish after 7 months of straight english) and it was good to see different styles of work! It was a good day!

We spent a lot of time traveling this week. On Saturday early we set out for a town called Obligado to see a baptism of a teenager that Elder Soto had been teaching and then last night de vuelta to come here to Encarnacion. Today I had my interview with President and tomorrow will be the Zone Conference (HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY)!

The Zone Conference is gonna be awesome! We are gonna be having McDonalds and Root Beer Floats and then we will be having a Fourth of July cake, singing the star spangled banner, a teaching about the US constitution by one of the AP´s and a training in English by the Mission President´s wife! Gonna be some fun stuff! One of the other American Zone Leader and I spent the day today with the AP´s buying some decorations for the party but we spent more of the budget on food then decorations! Better in my mind!

Well not sure what else to report! I hope everyone has a great week!

I especially hope that everyone has a great 4th of July! Just like Last Year PLEASE SEND 4th OF JULY PICTURES! I miss that time of year back home and its fun to see everyones activities!

I love you all and hope all is well!

Until next week,

Elder Willardson

PS I dont have any pictures but to not leave you without some Willardson here is a picture from when we ran home in the rain one day last year

Send me your photos!


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