June 19, 2017


San Ignacio, Paraguay


Elder Soto

Week 91 (San Ignacio)

Hello everyone!!

Well it has been one crazy week!! (First off sorry to everyone who I did not respond to your email last week, Monday was a holiday and then Tuesday I barely had time to send my group email with all the preparations for transfers and I didnt get to send one individual email...)

The week started Tuesday night with the classic overnight bus trip from CDE to usual, we found ourselves standing up because we are the only ones who are willing to give our seats up to the women standing up hahah and so that wiped us out. I was probably standing up 3.5-4 hours and sitting or sleeping for 1.5...then we got to Encarn and sat there in the freezing cold for about 2 or 3 hours until the missionaries from Encarn started to come! Hahah not the best night of my life! Good thing I stayed over there in CDE for over a year without changing :)) But it was fun to just talk to the misisonaries and chat!

After that Elder Soto met up with me there in Encarn and we headed out for San Ignacio! We found our way to the apartment with our suitcases and it was a little bit dirty....which is always the worst. So before we got settled in we just took some time to clean it and make it feel more like home and then we got settled in. Inbetween that and getting some other missionaries in our zone to their areas we were able to walk around town and get to know some the church and supermarket and other basic stuff, but I will be honest. I felt super alone on Wednesday. I dont know if I had just gotten to acustomed to CDE or if it was weird being in a place that we had no idea but it was definitely something new. But it passed over quick and we settled in for the night!

Thursday was probably one of our best days! We planned well and looked at the Map and were able to locate some members houses in the morning and from there they helped us find some investigators that the Elders had been visiting before. I guess we cant complain, the Elders might of left the pension a mess but they left a couple investigators who are just starting to get to know the Gospel, but definitely have some potential! And we took advantage of every moment and starting contacting people a lot too and we are finding some great people that way too!

I love the small towns here in Paraguay! I feel like the people are a lot more receptive and friendly and we could see that with the people we taught this week! On Sunday we were able to have 5 people attend church that were investigators (and another 35 that were members) and we have 5 people that have a date to be baptized next month. We hope to be able to help them keep progressing in the gospel and recieve testimonies of its truthfulness so that they can recieve this gran happiness.

In other news, like I mentioned last week, Elder Andrus is here in the Zone and on Friday we took a quick trip to Ayolas to attend his district meeting and meet the missionaries in that district to get to know the Zone a little better! Ayolas is about 2 hours away and so it took a little while to get up there and get back but it was fun to see the missionaries and especially Elder Andrus! I miss that guy! He is a fantastic Elder!

Tomorrow is the Leadership Council for the Zone Leaders and Sister Leaders so we will travel over to Encarnacion tomorrow for the meeting. Kinda sad because they had to divide the Council this transfer because of Passport problems, so we wont see the missionaries from Argentina this go but oh well, I am still excited! Kinda sad too that it will be my last oneeeee!

Well I guess I cant really complain. Things are really good here in San Ignacio! I am starting to feel more and more comfortable here and we are busy so that is always good! Only problem is that it just got really really really cold all the sudden yesterday after church! But we bought ourselves a heater and we are keeping on!

Thanks to all who write me (and especially those who send pics) I love hearing from you and all and seeing what you are up to! Hope you all have a great week!

Love always,

Elder Willardson


1-6 Goodbyes to CDE (Flia Viera, Flia Lugen ahhhhh I miss them!)
7) Elder ANDRUSSSSS!! Fun to see him!


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