May 29, 2017


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Bezzant

Week 88 (Ciudad Del Este 2) AP's and an Angry Neighbor

Hello everyone!

So my ingenious (and lazy) mind just had a genius idea today. I will be copying and pasting part of my Comps letter just to save time. At any point if you see something in can just know it is copied and pasted and not my own words but my own experiences! We are a team after all....

This week has been quite the adventure, we didnt get much proseliting in due to missionary conferences, stake conference, and a heck of a lot of other stuff in between. The Assistants to the President, Clark and Salazar, came over to do divisions and stay in our pension, basically the whole week but one day. We had 6 of us in the apartment, and any time you get 6 missionaries together its a recipe for noise and problems. We have this lady that lives below us that calls our landlord basically every night to whine about whatever noise we make, and we hardly even make noise, just a little more when the APs are over. Anyways, yesterday the landlord called us to tell us that we need to have a meeting, so we might be moving in the coming weeks, which wont be that bad a deal, the apartment is pretty nasty.

I did Divisions with Elder Salazar. He heads home in 2 weeks but he is pretty legit! One of my favorite Chileans out here! We did some good work.....have of our division was getting beds for some Elders in our zone but we had a solid solid lesson with Wilder! Speaking of Wilder he is doing fantastic. We had that solid lesson on Tuesday with Elder Salazar and then we had a fantastic opportunity pop up on Saturday because on Friday the Stake President called me and told me that the Area Seventy that had come to down for the Stake Conference that weekend had made time on Saturday morning to visit an investigator and wondered if we had anyone to visit. We took advantage and called Wilder and on Saturday morning we had a fantastic lesson with him and Mosiah as well as President Gomez and Elder Krasnoselsky! What a wonderful opportunity and experience!

Another One of our investigators thats progressing a ton is a 17 yr old named Lidia, last week I think I mentioned that she had gone to institute, and this week she went with a really awesome family to a Face to Face for the youth with Elder Krasnoselsky, an Area Seventy here in Sud America Sur and after that she went to a dance with all the YSA. And she said she loved it a ton, on Sunday she came with that same family to Stake Conference and after had lunch at the familys house and they answered tons of her questions that she had and she said that she loved it all. Its really exciting to see someone get fellowshipped so well. The first time she went to the church she said she didnt like it at all cause nobody payed attention to her, but now she is starting to find a second home there, which is pretty legit.

Also David continues to progress little by little by little. He couldnt make it to Stake Conference for the distance but we keep visiting him and he is awesome. The AP´s had heard our stories about him and wanted to meet him so we visited him all 4 of us and it was awesome. He was litterally shaking the whole lesson from not smoking. What a great guy!

We had Zone Conference with Pte Svec on Wednesday, and it was pretty fun, Willardson and I had a training thing to do and we forgot to plan it with a ton of problems that were going on in the zone cutting into our study time. We talked about recognizing and following the Spirit, which was a pretty good topic cause with the lack of planning we entirely depended upon it. I think it turned out good enough to that it didnt seem like we had planned it 20 minutes before. It was a good learning exṕerience about planning ahead.

Like my comp mentinoed above, we had been having some problems in the zone....a really big one with an Elder who wanted to go home and for the past couple weeks we had been all with him trying to help him and encourage him and yeah. However he had it sent in mind and he has decided to go home. He left yesterday for the mission home. Its really sad because he was a great Elder and has been here in the Zone since he started in Febuary but I guess he just had some setbacks and Bezzant and I wish the best for him. Please keep him in your prayers (although I wont say his name).

We had interviews on Tuesday before Splits with the AP´s and they were really good. I was able to have a really long one (mainly to talk about that Elder who was struggling) but I also took advantage and hit President with the "what are the odds that I stay in Barrio 2 for my last transfer?" question. President was surprised that I wanted to stay and said he had no problem with me there that he loved how the zone was moving a long and how he thought I was a good fit here but that when he does transfers he prays and if he feels different he will follow the Spirit. I accepted that. It was a fair answer so we will see what happens! But lets just hope that the Spirit agrees with President and I!

This week was Stake Conference and it was amazing. Like I had mentioned Elder Krasnoselsky came from Argentina (same guy that was in our Leadership council a couple weeks ago) and he was quite awesome! Luckily for us he asked President to invite the Zone Leaders and the AP´s to attend the Saturday session too (which the missionaries dont usually attend) and in that session they only spoke about Missionary Work. It was a powerful meeting!

Today we took some pictures as the two zones here in CDE, Willardson and I designed some sweet zone shirts and we wanted to get a picture with everyone in it. Ill send those pictures along with the email. And then today we went to the Dam Itaipu. Apparently they claim that it is the biggest dam in the world....dont know if that is true but gotta admit it is one work of art. The thing is ginormous! Fun to go see it!

Well not sure what else to count. If I missed something its because Elder Bezzant and I both missed it! But I dont think so! It was just a good week!

Love always,

Elder Willardson

1-3) Stake Conference Pics
4-5) With Bezzant and David a couple weeks ago
6-8) Zone Shirts and "Coach´s PICSS"


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