May 22, 2017


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Bezzant

Week 87 (Ciudad Del Este 2)

Hello everyone!!!

This week was quite stressful (there were several problems in the zone....) but really I cant complain :) Even though there wasnt that much time in the area the Lord blessed us a ton! The days just go by so fast!!

The highlight of the week was that we started teaching a referall from a member named Mosiah (my mexican friend that I have known since I was in Barrio 1) and it was awesome! His friend is named Wilder and he is super prepared for the restored church! He understands so much about the Bible and he is doing awesome! He was able to make it out to church on Sunday and loved it! We are super excited for him!

Also David continues! Crazy thing is that this week the member who usually helps us go pick him up for church couldnt come and we had already gone to make sure David was ready! So David just said "lets walk!" and we were like "David you cant really walk can you?" and he just told us to bring his walking stick and off we went. And he probably only lives like half a mile from the church but it took us a good 30-40 minutes to get there......David is a great example of determination. Still dont know if his baptism will be anytime soon but I also cant deny the incredible progress that he is having. They are baby steps, but I cant even imagine how hard it is for him to take those baby steps. An addiction like that is probably one of the hardest things ever and so i am just really proud of him!

This week is gonna even be busier than the last! We have interviews with Presidente tomorrow (maybe I can see what the probabability is that he lets me finish here in CDE) and then Splits with the AP´s, Wednesday we have Zone Conference and then Saturday and Sunday is Stake Conference! I am super excited! It should be a super fun week!

Well not much more to stay! Just to finish, this week I have been thinking a lot and the example of Mosiah is incredible. If we could all just be member missionaries like him I can only imagine the joy Jesus Christ would feel as he sees more and more people coming to know his restored gospel. I have been so blessed by the Church of Jesus Christ and I love seeing other people come to know those blessings as well! I hope we can all take that into consideration. To help us we can all take a look at the famous scripture in Mosiah 28:3.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! For those back home in AZ...KEEP sweating!! Your turn now ;) I am enjoying my chilly weather down here (even if its humid!)

Love always,

Elder Willardson


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