May 1, 2017


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Bezzant

Week 84 (CDEEE and Transfers andddddddd still CDE)

Well here we find ourselves on another Lunes and here I find myself with the transfers in hand and here I find myself 6 more weeks in Barrio 2! Hahaha it sounds like it would be something bad to be in an area for so long but I am so stoked! This time it will be different because Elder Andrus will be heading out to a city about 9 hours away. I will miss him tons! I have grown to love the dude, and he is a really great missionary! But he is heading to train and I know he will do great things! Besides, I will see him in a quick 12 weeks when the Plane is taking off ;)

So my new companion will be Elder Bezzant from Colorado! Classic President! He loves the good ole Gringo Gringo companionship! I am so excited! He was a District Leader in our zone before they split his city off of our zone and put it in another a transfer back. But he is just awesome and he loves to work so it should be a good transfer! Then almost certain I will be spending my last 6 weeks in some unknown part but basically for sure because President wasnt even sure about leaving me here 1 more transfer!

This week was just packed full of stuff! Elder Freeman and I stayed in trio with our "Stepson" hahah not really our stepson we just tease him with that! And we were all over the place! We mainly spent our time in Barrio 1 and it was really fun to spend a lot of time there in my old area. The big highlight was that Solomon (Santiagos brother) was baptized on Saturday! We tried for Santiago to baptize him but he is really timid and so at the end they just decided to have their uncle baptize him and it was still really cool!

Also it was fun to be there in Barrio 1 because we could visit Diego (who came to church with his brother) and Estela (who has resolved one of her old problems and is now ready to be baptized and enthusiastically accepted a baptismal date of May 20). They are both so awesome and its a huge blessing to be here just 3KM away so I can see all their progress even after all these months! It was so awesome!

Well other than that! The only other thing poppin in CDE is a brazilian criminal group. Literally poppin......bombs.... Turns out they just pulled off a huge 30 million dollar (or something like that) robbery on Sunday night and we found out Monday afternoon when I recieved a call from President...

It went something like this :)

""Elder Willardson, I hear there are problems in your city"

"Si president, I think there was just a robbery or something like that last night"

"Elder, just a robbery?? They used missiles and blew up cars and everything"

"Oh wow, that is bigger than I had a heard"

"Okay, Elder I think it is gonna be safer if everyone in Ciudad Del Este goes home and stays in their apartments all night tonight. Please tell everyone to go to their apartments immediately and I will expect a call from you in 30 minutes telling me that everyone is home and safe. I dont want any risks with our missionaries. Muchas gracias Elder""

And so we were in the apartment Monday night! But I think it was probably better! I mean I dont think it was dangerous or anything anymore, but President is a smart guy and he really looks out for all his missionaries. He is an awesome leader!

Well other than that it was just a week of cutting down trees, taking Paraguayan busses, and teaching the restored gospel! Not much to complain about!

Love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Willardson

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3) Saying goodbye to the "Dead Missionaries"
4) Diego at church
5) Grisel and Dianne (Recent Converts in Barrio 1)
6) Solomons Baptism


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