April 24, 2017


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Week 83 (Ciudad Del Este) Crazy Transfer Group Cosa


This week has been adventurous! Well since Saturday no mas I guess, but this week the fun continues! So on Saturday, an Elder from our pension went home (he had extended his mission but only for one month) and so he traveled to the mission home with an Elder from our Zone who was also going to the office. So Elder Andrus and I split up and I am with Elder Avila in Barrio 1 (MY OLD AREA) and he is with Elder Toldedo in Barrio 2 still! We did it like this to not leave either ward without missionaries so it all works out! Plus to make it even crazier, one of the Zone Leaders from the other side of town also went to the office so his comp Elder Freeman my good buddy is also with us! So we are kinda just a huge group of 5 missionaries together right now....we usually try to sleep in the same apartment and then we usually go work in different areas and Elder Freeman usually comes with us in Barrio 1 y Rama 6! I dont think I explained very well but it makes sense to us!

The week of work though is really good. We were able to find new investigators that have a bright potential and from what Elder Andrus told me, several asisted church and participated a lot (I attended church in Barrio 1 yesterday with Elder Avila). That made me really happy because I felt good about this week and was glad to see the hand of the Lord blessing us as we continued to try and be dilligent.

We found Lidia and her daughter Lidia this week and they are awesome! They both came to church and the daughter said she already recieved an answer from God that this church is the true church! Elder Andrus told me that she participated a ton in church and really loved it! That is awesome!

Also if you remember David from the last letter, he is just awesome! On Saturday morning, we went as the big group of missionaries (all 5) and we cleaned out his apartment. As you might imagine, someone who has been an alcholic for 9 years didnt live in a very clean place where the Spirit could be so Elder Andrus had a great idea that we go over there one day with brooms and mops and a ton of bleach and clean it out. It was truly an amazing experience. I have never seen someone so happy. His apartment was truly a disaster but after we left it was a lotttttt better! It was honestly one of my favorite services that i have had on the mission. And also Elder Andrus told me that he showed up to church in a suit yesterday! How incredible! He is progressing a ton! I am so happy to see him changing his life!

Well since Saturday I have spent the most of my time in Barrio 1 I guess I can report a little on the work there as well. Its actually really cool that I have the opportunity to be there right now because several people that I actually feel really close too are getting really close to baptism. On Saturday we visited the family of Santiago (an 18 year old that got baptized in September) and his Dad and Brother are really close to Baptism. His brother might be baptized this Saturday (Pray for him) and his dad wants to wait a little for his wife to start invesitagating too, but he loves the church so much. Last night we had a lesson with the whole family and we are praying that the mom will soften her heart so that the whole family can progress in the Gospel of Jesus Christ together! It will be so neat! Also we were able to visit Diego on Saturday. We chatted about some commandments and it was really powerful. His life has changed completely and he shared powerful testimony about how the church and the visits of the missionaries are what changed him. And you can see it too. His house is bigger, he has 2 motorcycles and he doesnt drink or do drugs of any sort anymore! He is one incredible guy and i felt blessed to be able to converse with him again. He also commented about how lately he has started to fall off the path a little bit, but he knows he needs to get close to God again and that he knows that going to church and preparing for his baptism is the way to do that. Its been a long 10-11 month process but the Lord Jesus Christ can change anyone! It has been fun to see some old friends and feel the Spirit with them again!

Well I have written a lot and I am probably even missing some stuff but oh well! It has been a great week, quite busy, but very spiritual! I am so excited for this one to come, should be even crazier than the last!

I love you all! Have the best week! And thanks for everything!

Elder Willardson

Photos of the Service with David!!


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