April 17, 2017


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Week 82 (Ciudad Del Este Barrio 2) Paraguay for the rest of the mission

Hello everyone!

Well if it wasn´t final before it probably is now. I will almost 100% sure be finishing my mission here in Paraguay and wont cross back over to Argentina. But I am fine with that! The coming weeks will tell me where my second to last transfer will be spent! I am still not sure whether President will keep me here in Barrio 2 for my 5th transfer or if he will send me somewhere new. Either way it will be a new adventure! (considering it will be my first transfer in 6th months without Elder Andrus with me hahaha)

This week was good! It was Semana Santa (Holy Week) for Easter and here in South America, it is a pretty big deal. Starting Wednesday almost half of CDE (members and nonmembers alike) started to travel to the countryside to be with their families and we were just left desolate..... And then on Good Friday there was nothing in the street. It was just dead. These circumstances made it a little tough on the work but we were blessed with a little miracle.

We were in the street on Friday just trying to talk with whoever we could find and give them a #PRINCEofPEACE card when we came upon David. He invited us to come in and we started to chat with him. He told us that 9 years ago he fell into drugs and alcohol and while he has dropped the illegal drugs he still smokes cigarettes and drinks uncontrollably. But he told us that the only thing he wants to do is stop. We shared about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to one day prepare to be baptized. On Saturday we passed by again and invited him to Church. The truth is (sadly.....) I didnt have much faith that he would be ready when we passed by, but he was and came to church and loved it. The members were really good to him and on the way home he said for the first time in his life he felt happy. I learned a good lesson with that. That I am here to help anyone and it doesnt matter how lost someone is, it could always be that the Lord has prepared them in that moment to change their life and recieve his Restored Gospel.

Well other than that, it was a week with a little teaching, another moment that made us laugh really hard is on Saturday we left with a member to teach an investigator and this member always tells the investigator that someone wearing a tie says the first prayer and someone who isnt has to say the closing prayer (only the investigator isnt wearing a tie) so he says that and right before the lesson ends the investigator (Hugo) got up and asked permission to use the restroom....when he came back we finished bearing testimony and ended the lesson. We then came to the closing prayer and the member tried his trick but hugo said "Impossible, I cant say it if that is the rule" At first we thought he didnt understand correctly the game but all the sudden he pulled a tie that he had put on but tucked down the back of his shirt and showed it to us......We could not believe it.....We died laughing....He got us really good so we let him off the hook and I ended up with the closing prayer! It was too Hugo just needs to come to church!!! ;)

Well all is good here in the good ole Paraguay! I really love CDE. Last night the other Zone Leaders and us had a meeting with the Stake Presidency and it was really productive. I really like the Stake Presidency here and since I have been here almost a year, they know me as well.

Well I love you all! Thanks for all the letters and support! And also the pictures :)

Have a great week!

Elder Willardson

PS I have been horrible with my own pictures....I promise to send some next week!


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