April 3, 2017


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Week 80 (Ciudad Del Este Barrio 2)

Conference weeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!

I just love conference! It is honestly one of my favorite times of the year! There were so many great talks and the Spirit was quite strong. One of my favorites was from Elder Costa on Sunday Afternoon. Maybe I am a bit biased because I form part of missionary work, but him sharing his conversion experience and encouraging those who are not members of the church to experience what he experienced was really powerful and although a couple of our investigators bailed last minute and didnt come, there were several from other companionships in the zone and the talk really touched them. It was neat.

The other good part of conference was that we also were able to see some of the recent converts there for their first general conference. Alejandro and Freddy as well as Estela were there. And since I still find myself in the same stake, i was able to see several converts from Barrio 1 too. It was so awesome. Something really special happened, I was chatting with Santiago, an 18 year old kid that got baptized back on September 3 and I found out that part of his family (he got baptized by himself) is now taking the lessons and attending church and will be baptized on the 22 of this month! And he will have the opportunity to baptize them! So cool to hear!

The work goes slowly but surely. We searched all week for someone prepared by the Lord and while we found many people that are gonna be good to teach, nobody was really that Golden Prepared person that we were just praying to find.......Until Sunday Night, we visited a street contact named Axel who is 17 years old and he was just awesome. He had attended a church a while back until he found out that one of the things they practiced was strictly against the 10 commandments and lost his trust in religion in general. He had lots of questions about why a church is necessary, as well as many doctrinal questions and we were able to teach him the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and bear testimony that because it was restored, we never have to doubt that we are being led astray, but that God still leads us today through a living prophet. He commited to pray to know if its true and be baptized on April 29th if he recieves his answer. I know he will because I did too.

Well not much to complain from down here in the good old City of the East, Paraguay. The weather has finally cooled down a little bit, we found American powerade and I drink one everyday, and we see the Lord´s hand in our lives every single day.

I hope you all have the best week!

Love always,

Elder Willardson

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