March 29, 2017


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Week 79 (Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay)

Hello everyone!

Well its Wednesday and here i am writing.........the disobedience is real..........

Haha nooooooooo totally kidding!! We had our consejo de lideres with President yesterday and this time they did it in Paraguay and not Argentina which still required traveling just not as much..... So the Assistants asked us to travel Monday morning and they told us to just write today in the morning to make up for the lost Pday time! So here we are!

This week (or week and a half....) was pretty solid! On Sunday Estela was baptized and comfirmed and it was super spiritual! She is sooooo awesome! There was some good support from the Ward Relief Society and she is really feeling comfortable at church. In fact it was so cool, the other Elders had their investigator at the baptism and she is still kinda unsure but after when we were sharing the refreshment apparently Estela just kept talking to her like ¨hey, when is your baptism?¨ and she was encouraging her and telling her that its the best decision and it was really neat to hear that!

Other than that, Elder Andrus and I are teaching several people but nothing tooooo promising for right now.....we just keep working and praying that the lord will open the door to many opportunities for us. I feel strongly that something will happen because i dont think Elder Andrus and I are staying together for four transfers just because. I know the Lord has a plan and although sometimes I dont understand it, he always does.

Yesterday the meeting with president was really great. Elder Andrus and I had the opportunity to share a training with the other Zone Leaders and we talked a lot about REPRESENTING Christ. As we prepared for it and presented it, it really made me think about the calling of missionaries. I really need to be trying to do exactly what Christ would do if he himself was here. While that is extremely hard at times, I know the Lord will always help me if i am sincere and I know that my calling is a big responsability. Also, President and Hermana Svec shared a couple of great trainings about Leadership and Obedience and used a couple of great chapters from the Old Testament. They are so awesome! I love hearing and learning from them. They really are great for our mission.

Well not much else to report from here. Its finally cooling down a little and that makes life a lot more enjoyable. I love teaching people the gospel, but sometimes it is nicer to teach it while I am not sweating like crazy ;)

I hope everyone gets the opportunity to watch General Conference this weekend. What a wonderful opportunity to hear from a Prophet and 12 Apostles. What a blessing to have the restored church on the earth today! Even if you are not a member you can find the broadcasts on! Dont be afraid to try it out!

I love you all! Hope you have the best week!

Elder Willardson

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