February 20, 2017


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Week 74 (Ciudad Del Este)

Hello everyone!

I must apologize in advance because this will be a bad week of responding for me....we are here in Posadas for the Leadership Council and it always throws everything out of printing.....I am just toast.....

So everyone will have to just forgive me.....even this letter is gonna be quite short!

But it was a good week.....Elder Andrus and I hit the ground rolling at the beggining of the week....knocking on every door we saw teaching the gospel to everyone! It was great and a couple investigators appeared that are really quite awesome that we will hope progress as time continues!

As for Estela....She came to church this week and it seems like she loved it. She is still progressing towards her baptism. We will keep praying that all will go well.

Towards the end of the week we hit some hardships but we know that everything happens for a reason. A family that was investigating the church with us (Miguel and Mari) decided that although they liked the church and the couldnt see that anything that we were teaching was incorrect they still would like to continue in their other church. But we have faith that one day they will become members of the Church of Jesus Christ and their family will be blessed because of it. They are really awesome.

Well I am barely awake writing this. We opted to travel last night instead of the afternoon to be able to stay and visit a couple investigators yesterday afternoon and so we took the bus from CDE to Encarnacion at 11:30-5:30....the worst part was I woke up a little more than half way through and realized that admist the many people now standing in the aisle there was a grandma (yes only in Paraguay) and I gave her my I spent the last 2 hours standing up (IT was killerrrrrrrr)

But tonight is the mission home and tomorrow is Consejo and I had a lot of fun getting together with some of my buddies who are Zone Leaders in other parts of the mission so I am happy. Elder Strong and I won some intense foosbal (because there was nothing else to do on Pday haha) and we are happy for that!

Well I love you all! Thanks for all you do and the love and support you always give!

Have the best week!

Elder Willardson


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