February 13, 2017


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Week 73 (Ciudad del Este)


This week was actually really awesome! At the beginning it didnt look too promising with all the moves, cleans and reorganizing of pensions with transfers but at the end we were able to see some really cool things and on top of that we got to welcome 5 new missionaries into our zone. There are 4 gringos and 1 Brazillian! It was so fun because we all got to welcome them off the bus and also doing calls during the week to ask them how their first days of the mission were! It was really neat and it brings a lot of excitement to all the missionaries in our zone! Especially me!

Miguel and Mari (a couple that we have been teaching) made it to church yesterday! We were so happy for them! They have a really cool family and we are so happy they could come! We will hope that they keep progressing!

The real spiritual experience of the week is with a lady named Estela. She has been washing our clothes (she has like a washing business) for like a transfer and whenever we take her clothes we always talk about the church a little but we never really invited her. Then a member moved in close to her and knew her as well. We decided to plan a night to watch Meet the Mormons (one of my favorite movies for missionary work) and invited Estela and the couple that just moved in. We did it last night and she loved the movie. We even stayed giving her a tour of the church and answering her questions and when we showed her the baptisimal font we taught about baptism and we put a baptisimal date for March 4th and she accepted! We are so excited for her and so blessed because we didnt even ever expect that!

Another funny story is that we are living with 4 Elders now in our apartment. Elder Prado and Elder Hedin (a new missionary) and we went to recieve them on the route when they came in bus on thursday and we had told the missionaries to call us when the bus was passing a grocery store like 5 miles away to give us enough time to get out their and wait for them. Well they didnt see the supermarket and all the sudden we get a call and the Elder says ¨HEY they are getting off right now¨ So we take off running and find them sitting on the side of the road with all their suitcases just getting drenched (yes it was pouring) We felt so bad but quickly got them out of the rain......poor new Elder.....I was sure he was gonna want to go home hahah :/ But he is doing great!

Today was a fun PDay! We were able to play soccer in the morning and in the afternoon we watched the Best Two Years. It was a really funny show!

Well that is all that time will permit folks! I love you all and hope you have amazing weeks! The Church is true! I know it with all my heart!

Elder Willardson


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