December 19, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Ciudad Del Este (Week 65)

I literally cannot believe its already PDay but since it is I will have to just give the run down of the week asi because this week was just so packed

Monday- We had PDay where we finished designing the Christmas Card with Marcelo (one of our favorite members) and it is just too facha! Then we had a FHE with Alfredo and Lilliana and a family here! Elder Andrus made Tacos! It was sooooooooo good!

Tuesday- Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting....we probably shouldnt have had one considering we had a Zone Conference on Thursday but one of our Hermana Leaders insisted and she is pretty bothersome when she wants something so we caved.....hahahah oh well! After that we did divisions and one of our District Leaders. Elder Can (my ex companion) came with me and his companion went with Elder Andrus in Barrio 1.

Wednesday- We had Choir Practice for the Big Christmas devotional on Saturday all morning and then in the afternoon we were running around Centro buying things for the Zone Conference on Thursday that President Svec had asked us to get. Then the Assistants came to stay with us and we did some divisions with them.

Thursday- We had our big Zone Conference Navideno AKA Christmas Party and it was a blast. SUCH A SHAME that I forgot my Camera today and Friday and Saturday.....missed opportunities.... The Zone Conferene was sooooo fun! After that we did a huge practice for the Choir on Saturday again.

Friday- On Friday they asked me to travel up to La Paloma another area about 3 hours north to help them with the Capilla Abierta and Devocional on Friday. It was fun to go up there and help them out and sing with them. Especially since my boys Elder Freeman and Elder Strong are the Zone Leaders up there. After the concert I asked President for special permisison to bring them 2 to CDE for our concert and he gave it to me! We were stoked!

Saturday- Elder Freeman Elder Strong Elder Smuin and I woke up and balled and then traveled back to CDE and basically arrived back in time to eat McDonalds and then go get ready for the concert. SAD STORY some tipaso just robbed my suit jacket on the bus.....a hugeeeeee loss.... for that we had to hit Micky D´s for lunch to cheer me up ;) But then we had the Open Chapel and it was soooooooo stressful but it turned out a huge success....even though we only copped 4 references we still were happy with how organized it was and we know how to make it better for the next one!

Sunday- Elder Strong and Elder Freeman left after church to travel back to La Paloma and Elder Andrus and I taught our first lesson that we had taught all week many divisions.... we came home that night and just crashed....incredible how tired we were. It was great that for the first time the whole week it was just us 2 in the apartment without any visitors....hahah what a week!

In the important news Alejandro has decided that the 31 will be a good day to be baptized and also an investigator named Freddy has decided to be baptized that same day! Should be fun!

Well I love you all! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and pray that I dont die from heat exhaustion down here! #PrayForElderWillardson #ParaguayanHumidity

The Christmas Card turned out great!!! Not too late to send your address and recieve a good ole fashioned Paraguayan Letter ;)

Elder Willardson

1-2) Noche Hogar (FHE) with Alfredo y Liliana and the Familia Torales andddd TACOS
3-6) I bought myself a Christmas Present


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