December 12, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Ciudad Del Este (Week 64)

Hello everyone!!

This week was pretty crazy full of ups and downs! I will break it down

Alfredo and Lilliana.....despues de coming home from our travel we were able to put ourselves in contact with them and we had a lesson about the Law of Chastity. We challenged them to be married this coming Friday (like a week notice) and they decided to do it. Little did we know there was a problem. Liliana was married to someone else and has to be divorced. A hugeeeeee setback. But oh well! We still love them and they are awesome! They will be baptized someday but with Paraguayan Law and Cost of Divorce......Elder Andrus and I wont be here to see it..... But they are gonna keep coming to church and they will be so much more prepared when the day of their baptism comes!

Alejandro....he is just another crazy story. Well after Stake Conference last Sunday he told us he couldnt wait any longer to be baptized. He told us that in order to be able to come to church this Sunday he was gonna work a double shift (24 hours complete) to get off work on Sunday and come to church thus enabling him to be baptized this week. Sadly....on Sunday morning right before church when he should have got off his double shift....his reemplacement didnt come and he stayed another 12 hours. 36 hours in a row......we dont know what will happen with his baptism now we will have to talk to President but he is such an example of desire to follow Christ.

Well other than that....just a bunch of travel and planning and yeah! Its a busy time of the yea even in the mission but life is good! Too many blessings to complain!

This week should be cool. We got the Stake Open Chapel and then a Christmas Devotional that we are gonna put on from the misison with the missionaries singing! Should be pretty neat!

I love you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder Willardson


1) Found Elder Viveros and Guillermo at Stake Conference!
2) Lunch on Thursday (Dont know why we took a pic but they wanted too!)
3) In my happy place for lunch :)


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