December 5, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Week 63 (Ciudad Del Este)

Hola todos!!!

This week was pretty awesome!! Ah lets see where to start!!

Well first off we were able to have a Zone Conference with a Seventy this week on Friday. It was Elder Bragg. He is from Los Angeles and is serving as the Second Counselor in the Area Presidency for South America South and he is just awesome! It was a really spiritual meeting and we were able to learn a lot from him! And it was nice to get past the stress that we had felt with the Asistents calling us every day to make sure everything was perfectly organized and perfect.......hahah it was a ton of work but it turned out great luckily!

Then on Sunday we had Stake Conference. It was fun because I was able to see a lot of my dear friends and family from Barrio 1 that I hadnt seen for a little while. Especially we were able to see Guillermo (and Elder Viveros came back to CDE and is Barrio 4 and we took a pic together). It was a spiritual meeting and an Area Seventy Elder Marcelo Cardus (I think) came and he was awesome as well! We just a spiritually packed weekend.

As for the work the investigators are progressing great!

Alfredo and Liliana were able to come to Stake Conference! And it was even better because they picked Elder Andrus and I up in there car and took us with them! They are so awesome. The only small problem is that they have to get married next week, and on Wednesday (because we are traveling right now....) we will teach them Chastity and put a date. We are definitely praying that they accept and they will still be able to be baptized on the 24.

We have some great news with an investigator named Alejandro. We were teaching him he wants to be baptized but we were originally thinking like a baptismal date for him like January 14. Because he only can come to church every other Sunday for work. Then we asked President for permssion to baptize him with 2 attendances and so then we invited him to be baptized on the 31 of this month. Then he went to Stake Conference yesterday and is so anxious to be baptized that he now says he is gonna change his work schedule and work a double shift during the week (A FULL 24 HOURS) to be able to come this Sunday and get baptized next week!!! We were just shocked! So we are excited for him!

Well the others are doing good too but for time I will just talk about those 3. We are kinda short on time today because we are in Encarnacion (again) and we have to cross over to Posadas in like 2 hours to go to the mission home because we have a Leaders Council tomorrow. It should be a fun night with Family Home Evening with all the Zone Leaders and then tomorrow with Mission Council with the Hermana Leaders too! I am excited for the new ideas we will talk about!!

But with that said, If my personal letters are kinda bad this week just blame it on my lack of time and lack of ability to send voice recordings :((

But I love you all! Thanks for the love and support!

Elder Willardson

PS This computer doesnt let me send pics either so I am sorry.... :/

Hey I totally forgot to invite everyone to take a look at if you havent already. The church really took it to the next level with the Campaign to help us focus on Jesus Christ this Christmas season. Great ideas for all Christians (Mormons and nonmormons alike) to put into to practice this Christmas season!!

It really is the best. Yesterday we contacted singing Christmas Hymns and giving out the Christmas pass along cards and it was so fun! Share it with someone!!


Love you all!


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