November 28, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Week 62 (Ciudad Del Este)

Hello everyone!!

This week was great! Elder Andrus and I really feel like we have to be the examples and have our area in great shape if we want to be able to help the rest of the Zone and so we worked as hard as we could this week! I am tired but it definitely feels good to see the fruits of the labors! We tried to put extra focus on working with members and we were able to have 10 lessons with members this week (yes that probably sounds quite low to my good old friends in the States) but before that my all time high for lessons with members was like 7 or 5 or something like that! So we are tired but we are happy!

LORENA was baptized this week!! She is so aweome! She is like the most timid person ever and had like a bazillion worries about her baptism but really she was so excited and she killed it! We are so happy for her! She is about to turn 14 and is gonna go to PFJ (The Paraguayan EFY) this summer in January! She is stoked!

Alfredo and Lilliana are doing great as well! They acepted a baptisimal date for December 24!! A Christmas Eve baptism! I hope all goes well. They will have to get married so we will be trying to plan that! But if all goes well there will be a Christmas Baptism in CDE! That would be sooooo cool!

Sara continues to just be fascinated with the Church but her husband still opposes :(( But she is so awesome! This week we visited her and left a reading assignment in the Book of Mormon and she read for an hour and 15 minutes doing it! She loves everything we teach and we can see how prepared she was. We will just hope and pray that God will move her husbands heart so she can progress in the Gospel!

Alejandro is ready to be baptized already after just a couple lessons but he has to attend church 3 times and since he works every other Sunday it probably wont be until January! But igual we are so excited for him! He came to the baptism on Saturday and just loved it!

Well the work is good here! Elder Andrus celebrated his birthday on Saturday and we ate at Burger King and I gave him a Olympia Jersey! Now we can be twins ;) This week is Stake Conference.....yes I repeat STAKE CONFERENCE!! That is gonna be soooooo cool! I am excited!

Well I love you all! Thanks for all the letters and love! I am blessed with the BEST!

Hasta la proxima!

Elder Willardson

3-4) New companion (First Blonde One....)
5-6) Birthday Saturday (Olympia for Elder Andrus and Cerro for Elder Peters)


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