October 24, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Can

Week 57 (Ciudad Del Este)


Well this week was a pretty crazy week of miracles, sad goodbyes, and a pretty crazy event....but it was good! Its getting hot and we are just putting up with it! The work goes on!

First off we had a miracle with Estela!! So we went back to visit her on Tuesday and she greeted us with the biggest smile and was so happy to tell us that all was well with her daughter and she will still get baptized! Her daughter had just heard bad rumors and she was able to calm her down! Unfortunately her long lost family members showed up at her house this weekend so she couldnt come to church but no problem....we will move her baptism to the 12. Much much better than what had happened last week. We are so happy for her but I dont think anyone is more happy than her. She is the best!

Carlos and Andrea unfortunately had to move for work. Here in CDE we are in a financial crisis and there is no work for anyone....(its kind of tough teaching a lot of people who dont have jobs) and it was a tough goodbye....we passed them our contact information and I am sure they will be baptized someday. In that moment I realized that I really had grown to love them, I was sad to say goodbye....

And for the crazy experience of the week. So the week before last we were walking in the street and a group of drunk guys called us over and started to talk to us. One of us asked him to come visit him at his house the next day because he had "shared a lot with the missionaries in Buenos Aires a while back" so we started visiting him and figured out he was a member and came back to Paraguay got married and fell away. We hoped to reactivate him and then teach his family. So yesterday we stopped by and as we start to get close to the house my companion says to me "What happened to Fredericos house?" and I looked and thought that we had made a wrong turn.....well we didnt.....we got up to the house and we just found burned rubble......turns out that the guy had burned his house down! We guess that they had probably fought and he might of been drunk and yeah.....crazy stuff

Other than that! Huge shoutout to the Lakeview Trails Ward primary for the huge stack of letters that got to me this week! Made my day reading what the little kids wrote me or drew....funny stuff!!

Well thanks for everyone who writes and supports me! I love you all!!

Have the best week!

Love always,

Elder Willardson

1) Ugly Tie Day
2) 3 Fronteras (Taken from Paraguay, Brazil on the left, Argentina on the right!)
3) Cerro Porteno jersey! (I bought my Olimpia today!)


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