October 17, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Can

Week 56 (Ciudad Del Este)

Hello Everyone!

The heat has come and it is so insane.....yesterday might have been the most humid day of my entire life....but oh well...we gotta keep going!! When i spent last summer in Argentina all of the older missionaries told me that Paraguay was way worse but I didnt have any idea of what they were saying until now!! It really is something else!

Today we visited 3 fronteras (3 borders) where Paraguay Brazil and Argentina all meet with rivers. Its pretty cool! I took some photos of what it looks like but I will send them next week! For now, here is our zone all together! If you zoom in you will probably find sweat because we died from the heat! But it was fun!

As for the work it was a tough week....Carlos and Andrea have to get divorced and it will cost 600 dollars.....they dont even have a job and they live in a little wood house....and so its basically necessary that the Ward members get together and help out but it didnt really help that they didnt even come to church this week because the members dont think they are converted. But I still have faith so we will see what we can do!

Estela is the saddest story....we visited her after church last week and she loved it! It was so awesome. She was so excited for her baptism! Then on thursday we got a message that said her daughter was against her going to church and she needed our prayers. WE visited her and it turns out that her daughter is the owner of the house and threatened to kick her out if she continues going to church.....I didnt know what to tell her. I asked her to just speak with her daughter and ask why and not doing anything to make her mad....I couldnt bear to see her on the sad....Please include her in your prayers so that her daughters heart can be softened.

On the positive note.....I have realized something throughout these problems. God always wants to strengthen us and one of the ways he has strengthened me throughout this week was he gave me problems to be able to recognize the little things.....for example. This week Diego came to church again....and Diego (I think I have talked a little about him) has had a complete change. About 2 months ago he was an addicted to alchol and drugs and smoking and was just a tough person but he wanted to change and we tried to help him little by little and he got better. And he has completely left all drugs and beer behind and really is a different person and his life is turning around. Yesterday he said he changed because God sent us to him and that really touched me. Something that maybe wouldnt have touched me too much if I was just focused on the baptisms coming up. God works in mysterious ways and I am very grateful!

Thanks for all your prayers and support! I love you all! The Gospel is true!

With love,

Elder Willardson

1) REGINA and me with a duck tie!
2) Burger Kingggggg!!
3) Tres Fronteras


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