November 7, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Hidalgo

Week 59 (Ciudad Del Este).....Emergency Transfers....

Hello Everyone!!

So like I said....I passed my first emergency transfer.... but it didnt take me far. I moved 2 miles down the road from Barrio 1 to Barrio 2.

Okay I will explain....

So I guess it starts about a week ago or two I guess now, two missionaries from our zone went home. One was one of our Zone Leaders and the other was in Minga (an area in our Zone) Because 2 went home they didnt make any changes they simply put the two missionaries that stayed without companions together. And so they worked like that together for a week or so traveling back and forth between the 2 areas.

On this past Thursday we had interviews with President Svec as a Zone. Our Zone leader entered first for his interview and the rest of the zone stayed talking. After a bit President called me, and I just thought it was my turn, but when I followed President I found Elder Hidalgo sitting there still. President invited me in and told me he wanted to make a change. He told me that I would be companions with Elder Hidalgo and be the new Zone Leader. So that same day I had to go home and pack my suitcases and travel (in nothing but a Taxi hahah) to my area! Crazy stuff but I am excited for the new opportunity! Elder Hidalgo is so awesome and I hope we can survive transfers (normal transfers) next week and stay together but it looks pretty unlikely. But we will see!

As for the Barrio 2 we dont have too much....the area is a little rough right now because Elder Hidalgo didnt really have time to work in it that much in the last 2 weeks. But he is excited to finally have a normal companion together and we have started to see some progress already. I am excited for the new area to work with new people because after 5 months of walking the same streets its always good to have a change.

Elder Hidalgo and I went to do Estelas interview on Saturday and sadly she had a problem that she had hid from us because of embarassment. But Elder Hidalgo was able to talk to her in the interview and it seems like she will be baptized at some point. We dont know when but I hope I am still here in Ciudad Del Este to see it. She is so awesome!!

Well it was a crazy week but I am excited for a new change! It is always good to change it up a little bit so I dont walk the same streets over and over and over for 6 months :)

I love you all and thanks for the support!!

Elder Willardson

Muchas fotossss!!

1) New Squad Barrio 2
2-3) New Companion Elder Hidalgo
4) Trip to Saltos de Monday (Waterfall)]
5) Elder Hidalgo and I in Saltos
6) New Companion and Old Companion....


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