September 5, 2016


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Viveros

Week 50 (Ciudad Del Este)

Hello yet again! (Make sure to read everything to see the BIG NEWS at the end!!!)

Time continues to fly, but i guess that is just because we are having fun! The work is so good and we are happy! Every day has its challenges but every day has its miracles too and we are just living and learning more and more every day!

Santiago was baptized on Saturday!!! Sadly it poured and so not many people came to support him but he was stoked. he really loves the church. We went to get his parents signature for his baptism and they talked about how much Santiago loves the church. We were even talking about where they would send him on the mission. How cool was that experience!!

Eva and Guilermo had their baptismal interview on Saturday too! Sadly, Eva needs a little bit more time to be baptized but she knows and understands and she will definitely be baptized some day we just hope we will be here to see it! But Guillermo will be baptized this saturday! We are excited for him. he will be the Pioneer in his family for his mom and 2 brothers! I hope one day to see the whole family sealed together!! So neat! Especially since i still remember the day in June when Guillermo opened the door and let us in!

Grisel and Dianne are doing well too. They have accepted a date to be baptized on the 17th (DADS BIRTHDAY!) and we will keep preparing them for their interview this Saturday!

Exciting times! This week we will continue making sure that these new converts stay in the path to stay active and recieve the blessings their whole life and also continue knocking doors to find new people to teach! We are loving it!

Okay the BIG NEWS! Today i had lunch at TGI Fridays! I konw that is weird to find a restaurant like TGI Fridays in Paraguay but I did it! And I will just leave my testimony that I felt like I was in the USA. What a day. So goood! I ate Chicken Alfredo and I was just in heaven! How great! I will send pictures!

On Saturday we ate at McDonalds to celebrate the Baptism. Wow the Paraguyans love McDonalds. We didnt even have a place to sit it was so busy :/ But oh well! Its weird because McDonalds is like the most expensive place here and all the rich people eat there and just strange!

Well I love you all! Here are my pictures!

Elder Willardson


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